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A Week of Beauty on $30 Date Night

Happy 201st Post, Daters! Just to mix things up a little bit, this week $30 Date Night is going to take a little deviation down the beauty route.

Why, you ask? What does that have to do with dating and relationships?

Plenty, it turns out.

A Week Of Beauty on $30 Date Night

Because if you feel good about yourself you’ll feel better about your relationship. You’ll flirt more with each other, you’ll love the appreciative glances from your sweetie and you’ll certainly get their attention.

I myself have been feeling in a bit of a beauty rut the last few months. So I’ve decided it’s time to pull myself out of it.

The problem with living with someone 24/7 is that they see you at your most unglamorous. And we rarely dress up anymore for our partners, or slick on some lipstick to impress them.

When you start dating, you get excited that they’re coming to see you! You spend hours de-fuzzing yourself, doing your hair, putting on make up, sliding into stay-up stockings and a pretty new dress…

Then it starts to slide a little. When you begin having “sleepovers”, it becomes trickier. I used to wake up early and slide out of bed silently, then go to the bathroom and whack on a little natural make up (no overkill, just some cover up, mascara, a little powder. Brush my teeth, run a comb through the hair and then slip back into bed like nothing had ever happened, ready to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! That’s natural beauty.

Those days are long gone. Now I’m lucky if I run a razor over my legs once a month. And that’s marriage for you.

So – rather than talking about beauty rituals that take hours of effort, let’s come up with a new strategy.

I’m going to investigate all the new beauty and spa products that make us effortlessly gorgeous in our own homes without the hours of hard work.

Little tips like getting a regular leg wax instead of shaving keeps you silky smooth longer… getting your skin to glow without the make up on so that you barely NEED to cover it up at home…. The best of both worlds, yes? Looking good for your partner without even trying too hard.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun week! Drop a comment or question here if you have anything to add to the discussion…

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