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This is a blog about the sweeter things in life – namely, marriage, relationships and date ideas. Written by newlyweds Denis & Emma Merkas, it offers some small insight into married life and offers relationship advice, cheeky points of debate between couples and stories from married life, all interlaced between their weekly date nights, where all their date ideas are taken from their website, $30 Date Night.

Emma and Denis are definitely opposites in many ways…  life is about playful banter which often comes out in their blog posts in a public point of difference. On the odd occasion they see eye to eye.

Here’s is what they have to say about each other:

Denis’ View

Den on Em
Emma is easily distracted by shiny objects (…and shoes) – which often sees her walking into walls and doorways, it’s very funny to watch.

The girl is super intelligent which is annoying, cause I’m not.

She happily dumbs down our conversations to keep me amused – yet goes out of her way to re-write my posts and media comments so “my words” are grammatically correct. But me no care about things like this… and such as.

Em’s is definitely a free spirit who loves to sleep in… the girl works damn hard and has recently fallen into the realm of geekness – thanks a lot twitter (damn I hate the sound of that chirpy bird!) Funny it ironic that the inner geek has come out after we marry.

What Den loves about Emma
Her laugh… it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard! Seriously… I’ll have to work out a way to get some audio for you guys to hear it. This laugh once terrified me… so embarrassing in public, but these days I love it – it cracks me up every time!

Most annoying habit
She is FREAKIN’ messy! It drives me nuts!!! As an example… in a mammoth effort to clean up our bedroom – I spent over 30 minutes picking up and sorting out her clothes from the floor. Folding and neatly placing them close her side of the wardrobe – it’s not possible to put her clothes away – its like playing Tetris on maximum difficulty.

Only to find that 2 days later her pile of clothes had returned with a vengeance! Bigger and higher than ever before… like how many damn outfit changes does one need? Babe… you work from home too! It’s not like you went out to impress anyone…

Emma’s View

Em on Den:
Denis is your classic Type A personality – he works hard, plays hard and is highly competitive and fiercely ambitious. Den is one of the most self-sufficient people I’ve ever met and his motivation and drive continually put me to shame.

If there’s something he doesn’t know how to do, he will learn with the help of Google and sheer determination. He’s taught himself (over the years) graphic design software and aesthetics (our websites and marketing collateral are all his), web coding, SEO and all other manner of geeky tech things, how to play a guitar and so much more. His latest venture is into DIY house improvements… all with impressive results.

All these skills are a complete 180 from his previous life as a healer, which is where his soft side comes out. With a background in Acupuncture and massage, he is truly an absolute sweetheart, wrapped in a tough, practical exterior. No tree-hugging-hippy sentimentalities here.

What Em’s loves about Denis:
Denis is one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet – the kind of person that will drop whatever he’s doing if his family or friends need him, will always be at your birthday party to help celebrate and won’t let anyone he loves be in pain if he can somehow fix it.

Most annoying habit?
Being so Type A has its drawbacks, particularly pitted against someone as “easy-going” (the polite way of putting it) as myself.

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