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Add Some Sizzle to Your Night with a Backyard Barbecue

Sometimes, the most romantic evenings are the ones you spend at home.

In fact, planning a romantic backyard barbecue is a great way to share a special night together that can be even more meaningful than any fancy restaurant escapade.

Set The Mood

BBQ Steak

Take a few steps to set the mood. Hunt down a nice tablecloth from the back of your linen closet and drape it over your picnic table, or make a nice centerpiece by filling a vase with some fresh-picked flowers. Light a few candles. Tiki torches, citronella candles and lanterns are also a nice touch; they will help to keep mosquitoes and other pests away so that you can enjoy your meal without any irritations, and the subtle light will make your table setting even more special.

Look Sharp

Although you are having your “date night” at home, you shouldn’t run around in your pajamas for the entire evening. Instead, dress up in something cute and stylish to show this really is a special occasion.

Plan a Fuss-Free Yet Romantic Menu

You want your date night barbecue dinner to be both delicious and a bit fancy, but slaving over the grill for hours preparing a complicated meal will really put a damper on the evening.

You can take a look at the Reader’s Digest BBQ Recipes Guide for suggestions, and think about a few favorites that aren’t too difficult to cook. A nice steak dinner typically is simple and delicious, and doesn’t have to be too expensive if you do some smart shopping. Look for steaks that are offered at a reduced price because they are nearing their sell-by date; if you are planning on cooking them that evening, they will be fine. Also, consider purchasing cheaper cuts of steak, such as a chuck eye, or even purchase smaller steaks yet make bigger portions of your favorite sides.

BBQ Steak

If you wrap a couple of baked potatoes in aluminum foil and toss them on the grill, toss together a simple salad and season your steaks ahead of time, the meal will pretty much cook itself while you and your partner enjoy talking and spending time with one another. Once dinner is ready, you will have a surprisingly romantic and elaborate meal to enjoy with your loved one.

Have a nice bottle of wine with dinner. Since you’re not paying the exorbitant prices restaurants will charge you, you can go all out on the wine you choose. Look for reviews for good value wines online to help you in your selection.

You’ll be sure to wow your date with the time, thought and effort you put into your romantic backyard barbecue for two. Sharing the night in a calm and relaxed atmosphere will make your date even more romantic. Consider playing your favorite music outside while you are grilling and dining. You are sure to feel more connected after such a special evening.

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