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Denis & Emma

All Hallows’ Eve

Well we’re fresh off a plane (well, three planes) home from the USA. What’s it like to be back in Australia? For a start, there is a notable lack of pumpkins lying around in people’s doorways here. You see, we don’t really celebrate Halloween. It’s changing slowly as Hallmark and the like try pushing the tradition on to us – and after all, who doesn’t love to dress up? But it’s not really in our history or in our hearts.

And besides, with Spring Carnival going on, we dress up this week in a totally different way – with feathers and ridiculous hats and things.

But I’m missing America already and seeing all the Halloween preparations going on got me nostalgic. I love dress ups. Den and I went to a Halloween Ball a few years ago and did the full paired-up costume thing. He went as the Devil and I went as a Fallen Angel – as in, one that had literally fallen off her cloud. I was torn up, bruised, battered, bleeding and dirty. Den, meanwhile was in full upper body paint with furry fawn-legs and a tail. It was totally awesome. Here are the pics:

Denis Halloween Costume
Emma Halloween Costume
Halloween Costumes

So if you are looking for a Halloween date idea, I suggest dressing up and hitting up the neighbourhood for Trick or Treat – have a competition to see which of you scores the most candy. They may look at you funny but if you’re cute about it, you’ll get thrown a Snickers bar at least.

Other Halloween date ideas include telling ghost stories at home in front of the fireplace and carving Jack o’ Lanterns together. Or just have a scary movie marathon and stock up on the candy beforehand!

What have you dressed up as for couples costumes before? Or what would you, given the opportunity?

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  1. Posted by Aaron Moore | May 15, 2012, 7:14 am

    Great story. I was in the military for so many years and just remember those great memories I had with my friends. We had a good time. We travled everywhere around the world. Has anyone been to Wake Island? Its an fasinating place. Very small place with only one airport.

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