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ABC Date Ideas

9 Creative Date Ideas Beginning with C

C is for Casino

Ever played roulette? No? Perfect. Set a budget for your date night (it’s no secret we like ye olde faithful $30 limit) and head to a low-betting table at a casino to learn the ways of roulette and (hopefully!) win some money. If you pick a table where there are no other punters, the dealer will be very patient in explaining the rules to you.

If you win big? Head for a lavish dinner together. Lose it all? Ice cream and a nice walk for you! Follow the link to check out our casino date night review.

Casino Date Night

C is for Cinema

The cinema is one of those tried-and-true date nights that couples always seem to gravitate to. We don’t need to tell you how to go to the movies. But what we will tell you is that if you’re sick of the cinema, there are a few twists you can throw into the mix to make it a little different. The Drive-ins, the Open Air Cinema and the Gold Class cinema are all on the list… click the link to read more about 5 Different Ways to Do the Movies.

C is for Cooking Dinner

Not just slap together the old spag bog with a jar of sauce! We’re talking a proper, fancy, three course meal from scratch complete with candlelight and soft music. You may even want to dress up like you’re in a fancy restaurant to make it extra-special!

C is for Camping

Whether you travel all the way to your backyard or to a campsite, this is a great cheap date idea and a lot of fun for two. Of course, a campfire, ghost stories and roasting marshmallows are obligatory. Cranking up the BBQ to cook some sausages is a must.

C is for Cut Each Others’ Hair

Are you high? Of course you’d never actually do this. But the idea has been submitted to our date generator and continues to hold it’s place there nonetheless.

Romantic Camping for Two

C is for Comedy

Laughter will keep you young and keep your happy-hormones firing on all cylinders. Spending a night at your local comedy club is the perfect way to relieve a stressful week and to break the tension if you and your partner have been a little niggly with each other recently.

C is for Café

A blissful, relaxed few hours in a favourite café is a great rainy day date idea or a perfect Lazy Sunday idea…. Surround yourself with good coffee, the weekend papers and the latest issues of your fave mags and while away the afternoon in peaceful contentment.

C is for Concert

Is your favourite band coming to town? Do you have a secret affinity for the orchestra? Surprise your date with tickets to a concert that you know they’ll love and win yourself major brownie points in the meantime! If you want to be really impromptu about it, find the place in your local area that sells half price tickets the day of the show and really take them by surprise!

C is for Coin Flip

Bored out of your brain and want to shake it up a bit? Jump in the car or take to the streets armed with a coin. At each intersection, flip to see which way you will go (“heads, we go left; tails, we go right”) and see where you end up. Perhaps take a GPS device just in case you get entirely lost together!

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2 comments for “9 Creative Date Ideas Beginning with C”

  1. Posted by Year on the Grill | April 7, 2010, 6:05 am

    C is for camera…

    Digital cameras make this a fun date for us… one subject (our cats win most of the time)… Cats our garden, the flag flying on our porch, etc.

    Two cameras, and we print off an 8X10 of what we like the best and compare. they end up being framed and hung over our booze cabinet and change once a month. Not really a date, but we have done this over 20 times and we have a fun book also

  2. Posted by Asi Serija | December 17, 2011, 9:10 pm

    crying with the ultra romantic movie in cinema :)

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