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ABC Date Ideas

Alphabet Dating: 10 Date Ideas Beginning with B

B is for Breakfast (or Brunch)
The perfect date if there’s just not enough time in your week or you suddenly find all your nights booked up. Get up a little early and have breakfast with your sweetheart, whether you take them out or cook for them in bed is up to you!

Ten Pin Bowling Date Night

B is for Bowling
Sounds corny? It totally is. This is one of the cheesiest dates out there and we love it! Bad shoes, bad hot dogs and bad lighting all make for a fun date for two.

A nice twist on this date is to find a nightclub bowling alley with neon balls and dimmed lighting for a (slightly) sexier bowling option.

B is for Board Games
Feel like spending a night in? Crack open a bottle of wine and pull out your old Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit set.

B is for Baking
Have some fun in the kitchen together whipping up a tasty treat! Cookies, brownies, a cake… whatever you make, make it from scratch (especially fun if you’ve never tried it before!)

B is for Bubble Bath
Assuming your tub is big enough for two; and not overrun with rubber duckies and the like, then a relaxing bath could be just the perfect date to end a long, stressful week.

Clean the bathroom (we like to use baking soda and vinegar so no harsh chemical smells linger), remove all traces of children’s toys and set up some candles and music.

Take a trip to pick up some luxury bubble bath and a bottle of champagne, then unwind in the tub together.

B is for Bar
Find a chic, sexy bar with appropriate lighting and nestle yourselves into a corner together where you can share a few glasses of wine and some bar snacks. Go midweek and find out when happy hour is or what specials they have on during the week so you don’t break the bank.

The Discarded Bingo Tickets

B is for Bingo!
No longer the domain of the blue rinse, couples need to reclaim the bingo halls for themselves! This is a great date – hilarious and comfort-zone-pushing all at once. Check out our review of this particular date idea here.

(NB: If cheesy, no-frills bingo halls really aren’t your style, find a local bar that puts on a themed bingo night to up your coolness stakes.)

B is for Bookstore Date
Take your date to a bookstore café and send them to find their three favourite books from the shelves. You do the same, then meet back in the café and spend the evening chatting about them. Why they were your favourites, how they influenced your life, where you were when you were reading them, etc.

Use the books as a great conversation starter if you don’t know your date well, or a great conversation starter to learn something new about your longterm date.

B is for Bicycle
Whether you go bicycle made for two or separate ones, this is a lovely date idea for a fine, sunny day. Take a leisurely ride to a picturesque spot (stick to bike trails if you’re novice – away from the roads is best!) and have a picnic or stop for ice cream once you’re there. Whimsical and romantic all at once.

B is for Beach
Oh I love a day by the seaside! Pack your towels, sunnies, suncream, magazines or a good book and a huge beach umbrella and spend a day with your toes in the sand, playing in the waves. If you’ve got the, ahem, balls then you could even consider the nudist beach.

Any other B date ideas I’ve missed out, daters?

And how go my other alphabet dating couples?

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10 comments for “Alphabet Dating: 10 Date Ideas Beginning with B”

  1. Posted by Year on the Grill | March 24, 2010, 4:16 am

    B is for bartender…. My wife and i are working our way through a rum drink bartending book. Just had a little party where we offered 6 guests a “menu” with 10 different blender drinks we have been working on… It was a great party

  2. Posted by Chase Chandler, The Alpha Male | June 24, 2010, 1:16 am

    These articles are a great concept! I am defintely going to have a B Date Idea week doing everything that starts with the letter B here in this article!

  3. Posted by fiona | December 27, 2010, 10:42 am

    Wow, I love this idea of date night ideas. You could even use them for family nights or with friends ( with a bit of editing) and bring in an element of more fun and variety. Many thanks, Fiona.

  4. Posted by Asi Serija | December 17, 2011, 9:10 pm

    ahhh, bicycle… one of my first dates ever was on bicycles :) nice time…

  5. Posted by BW | May 27, 2014, 3:21 pm

    Blind dinning-Here in Vancouver we have a restaurant called Dark Table.
    Your full dining experience is in complete darkness, served by servers that have lost their sight. We had a fantastic B date trying this. But more importantly came away with a very real appreciation for the visually impaired. It is amazing how your other senses are enhanced over a 2hr date.

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