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Excerpts from 365 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Cover Illustration 365 Ways to Say I Love You

I found this vintage book in my mother’s collection just recently… 365 Ways To Say I Love You was written in 1968 by a young, fanciful woman named Jani Gardner who had oodles of helpful wifely advice for any woman out there looking to show her husband how much she cares… assuming she has nothing better to do all day then hang around and darn his socks. (Meanwhile, I can’t even sew a button back on a shirt!)

Some of the favourite *gems* I’ve plucked out to share with you include…

Buy five cartons of cigarettes to stash in emergency situations.

Pat him on the head some more for his business efforts.

Send him a “Wish You Were Here” postcard from your house.

Since he’s running late, check off those newspaper features you think he’d enjoy.

Find out what Christmas gift ideas he has for friends, relatives, etc. and start working on them now so you can be sweetness and light for the holidays.

Embroider an “I love you” in flame-pink on his pillow case.

Ask if he’d like his chest of drawers straightened. Proceed only if he agrees. Give him as much feeling of sovereignty over his kingdom as possible.

Find out more about his day (careful, don’t bug him.) Just ask once.

Illustration 365 Ways to Say I Love You

Let him read the newspaper in silence. You really don’t have to ask so many questions.

Go on another diet so he can take you to the beach. (!)

Bite him.

It’s actually quite a cute little book with gorgeous illustrations! The author does have a sense of humour about her: ‘Offer to make him a suit. Of course he’ll say, “No, but to offer so much of yourself…” (if he says yes, we’re all in trouble!)’

My, haven’t we come a long way… Thoughts, ladies?.. Or men..? Anyone?

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4 comments for “Excerpts from 365 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’”

  1. Posted by Jen | August 10, 2009, 9:07 pm

    Offer to make him a suit suit??

    Although, regarding the newspaper one, sometimes we do tend to forget that we dont’ always need to be talking

  2. Posted by Bobby | September 29, 2009, 8:50 am

    There are so many other simpler ways of showing that you love somebody. Things that usually go unnoticed during our day.
    A message written on a steamed mirror, a simple post-it on the morning coffee mug, a back rub during bath-time, or sharing your morning toast are all simple things to do. What really matters is to know that you are being thought of. This applies both for women and men.
    I reckon there is no need to go overboard.

  3. Posted by angela hanson | September 30, 2009, 11:50 pm

    This is on of my favorite interesting little books. One of my favs is.. “Pray to God you will always make him happy.” lol My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch reading these tonight and I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard. Bf can’t wait for me to come to his work at 5 with a refreshing mint julip! lol

  4. Posted by jenna | October 26, 2010, 2:10 am

    Oh how I wish there were a simpler way.. like, say, I don’t know, a few words that you could say or something? Shame that nobody have thought of that..

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