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Interesting: Will Smith Speaks About His Marriage

People are fascinating, I love that everyone has their own approach to marriage… in particular Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith. This is an old clip, but a good one if you’ve never seen it. They speak about managing their marriage/family as a business plan; at first glance this sound manufactured, cold and boring but as [...]

How Big Is Your “Too Hard” Basket?

I used this speech earlier this week on a new candidate that had applied for a job with Merkas Health (a massage business I own). She was given the role and then declined after the first day of training. There’s something great about her I know it, but I could tell she was lacking confidence [...]

A Simple Date Idea

Simple and Easy Date Night.
This is so simple it’s stupid! Don’t read any further because you are running the risk of allowing the following three letters come out of your mouth in succession: d.e.r.

There are times where Emma and I just don’t want to go out. Pfft, date night – who can be bothered? So, staying at home it is, and what could be easier than doing it at home with a good old fashioned “themed” cook up. Our theme of choice, Mexican!
It’s nothing fancy, it’s not difficult and it’s a whole lot of fun! This is what we did.

Do You Need a Backup Date Idea?

ooooo-kay… so I scrapped my first draft of our chicken parma date idea. It was written, complete and ready to go live, but in essence my review sucked because the date sucked! Which opened up the question…

What the Eyes Don’t See

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR CITY? I thought I knew Melbourne like the back of my hand, living in the CBD for more than 5 years I knew every nook and alley way that the city had to offer. What I didn’t know was the stories behind the streets I knew so well.

Oasis Bakery Melbourne

My favourite date ideas are the ones that take me to new places for new experiences. Sure, I love a romantic setting just as much as the next person but I’d gladly pass it up to experience something I’ve never had before.

Oyster Hour at Mezzo Bar

Pro: Mezzo Bar / Mid April (Australian Fall) Picturesque = a wonderful space, outside, summer breeze yet leaves falling in the top end of little bourke street, Melbourne of course.

Con: The date lasted approximately 45minutes – because we only spent $30!

How do you celebrate your anniversary when you’re 8000 miles apart?

You meet for brunch! See how $30 Daters made their 3rd year wedding anniversary work over brunch 8000 miles apart.

San Francisco: Nick’s Crispy Tacos

No doubt about it, San Francisco is a massive city! Even still, Nick’s Crispy Tacos is no secret to the Bay Area. Located near the corner of Polk St & Broadway in Nob Hill – this place was packed, and for good reason too. Davide, a good friend of mine and a San Fran local chaperoned me as I have left the beautiful wife back in Australia to look after our massage business back home.

Behind the Scenes at $30DN

Learn a little more about Emma and Denis, the creators of $30DN. How $30DN first started and why they’re so cheap! Included are photos and the first designs Denis created of the $30 Date Night Generator.

Sex On The Beach

Its vacation time for Emma and me; we’ve survived the New Year festivities and are relaxing our way through a sunny beach-side Queensland holiday… The ocean is warm, the sand is gloriously soft and I’m feeling as frisky as a squid on Tuesday. Needless to say sex on the beach was a high priority on this beach-side vacation.

Something Simple

We’re up to the final letter in our ABC’s of dating, it’s the Z date! I’ve been wanting to take Emma to a Zen Meditation group. Meditation as a couple doesn’t get highly rated on $30 Date Night – nor should it… it sounds terrible!!! Which is exactly why I want to do it!

50% off Couples Massage Courses

Over the weekend Emma and I presented another of our increasingly popular Couples Massage Courses. 80 people walked through the door – our biggest number to attend a day thus far. I always love watching couples enter the room shy and completely unsure what to expect. My ice breaker usually involves some form of uncomfortable [...]

A Million Years Ago

If you’re anything like me, you love to look in the past – at the good times and the bad. I love going back to what feels like a million years ago to remember who has been involved in my life and who is no longer a part of it. I know they say never [...]

The X Date!

Den takes Emma out on a date searching for hidden treasure… you’ll be disappointed with what they find! But, don’t let this stop you – the potential this date has to rock your sweetie’s world is HUGE – find out how… read more.

In ‘U’SA we eat!

The concept of the “Great American Diner” is a novelty to Australia. I never knew it existed until Emma mentioned it, an all American diner in our very own backyard of Melbourne. Excited, I was dying to find out if the American Diner would cut the mustard amongst Melbournian pallets.

Row Your Boat Date Idea

Includes Video! The row boat date idea on Central Park Lake – New York. Inside you’ll get tips on how to make your row boat date idea fun. The vid makes some reference to Emma’s karaoke performance in Vegas – I’ve sworn never to show it, but I’ve still got it. Make sure you comment and let her know how much you want to see it!

Can You Define Romance?

Everyone’s got a different idea of romance… lets take Valentine’s Day for example. It’s around the corner (only a few weeks away) and it’s pimped out as the MOST romantic day of the year. Whether you accept it or not, that is how most of us feel. In a perfect world what would your partner [...]

O is for Orienteering / Geocaching

Use your smart phone to locate hidden containers around you city. Daters Emma and Denis spent a few hours trekking through Melbourne CBD to see what hidden caches they could find. It’s cheap, easy to do and a fun date idea playing secret squirrel. Read more about Geocaching Melbourne CBD with $30 Date Night.

Co-dependent Couples

My parents are one of those couples who have to do EVERYTHING together! There are exceptions such as shopping or running errands, but on whole they won’t spend a night apart and heaven forbid if they’re going to travel without the other person. Most times I find this cute; it makes me feel like they’ve [...]

Date Night for 2011 begins! The Night Market.

The first date night for 2011 found us at the Suzuki Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne… and it was AWESOME! You don’t want to be shy of crowds in any market – let alone the Melbourne’s Night Market – it was packed! Although I have seen it busier. The night was [...]

L is for Laksa

Would you believe that Emma has never had Laksa before? So this week, L is for Laksa… something new. Rce Queen. LEVEL 2 / 231 SMITH STREET, FITZROY – Melbourne (Australia). Check it out.

Fly my Kite!

In my head – I thought Kite Flying would be a breeze (no pun intended). The packaging had a label saying “not suitable for children under 36 months,” what it really should have said was “not suitable for under 32 year of age.”

I is for Italian Waiters Club

For a long time this iconic Melbourne establishment has been the choice restaurant for really good Italian food. It’s well hidden down an alley and up a flight of dodgy stairs.

Three Stages of Male Life

This made me laugh… an email sent to me by my baby sister – you should get a chuckle out of it.

E is for Ebay

Razzie from Melbourne, Australia submitted one of the more unusual date ideas on $30 Date Night – the ebay date idea. “one wife for sale, slightly used but still has plenty of years left in her. Needs regular attention otherwise may perform poorly. Does NOT come with a guarantee. No refunds!”

Life Drawing in Sydney!

We had our first Sydney Date Night ever! YAY! It was sensational!!! The most fun I’ve had in Sydney for a long time! We’ve recorded video of this date idea, check it out!

MALE WARNING: Sex and the City is out!

The long awaited sequel to the Sex and the City movie is out – and cinemas across the globe will be jam packed with D&G, Manolo and Prada – with the exception of a few poor souls that have been dragged by their women to watch the movie. This message goes out to those women [...]

D is for Dumplings

There ain’t much romance in cheap dumplings – but who says you need romance to have a great time and a good feed?

D is for Dumplings and Delicious – you should DO it this week!

Hey Babe, Does My Car Impress You?

FULLI-6, seriously… how fully sick is your car? And does all this sickness fully impress the girls? Over the weekend we were given a lift to a party in a Subaru WRX STI, (to better explain it to the girls – it’s a blue car – it goes fast). I giggled like a school girl [...]

D is for Den You’re Freakin’ Disappointing

I won’t put roses around it – I’m letting the team down… Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to take Emma out on date night. I don’t know about you, but lately I’m feeling like everything else is getting in the way… meetings, finding more staff, paperwork, fixing bugs in our websites, paperwork, more paperwork…grrr…… [...]

B is for Breakfast and Radio and Breakfast Radio

Today’s date of the week starts with the letter B. We kicked off the day with Breakfast radio – with the Hump Day Crew on Melbourne’s Joy 94.9fm! We love these guys and always have a rockin’ time when on radio with them. If you’re in Melbourne make sure you tune your radio it 94.9fm [...]

Rate your Woman’s Driving Skills

My wife’s driving freaks me out! There are 2 ways she manages a car. 1. Foot flat on the accelerator 2. Foot hard on the brake Coming to a halt is in a series of multiple stabs at the brake pedal as if we’re bunny-hopping a manual car – BUT the car is an auto! [...]

Denis! You can’t be friends with your Ex-Girlfriend!

I’m friends with an ex – well she wasn’t technically a girlfriend, just someone I knocked socks with for quite some time. We weren’t always friends… around the time I began knocking socks with Emma the Ex walked out of my life – not because of Emma, just cause it was time to let that [...]

We Went Plane Spotting

AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EMMA: darling, please do not read this post – I fear for my life! I know you read all my posts, but you can skip this one – it’s boring. As much as Emma is going to hate me saying this, I’m going to say it anyways… Emma has some expectations [...]

Date Night on Deck 88…

This date night blew the budget… blasphemy!!! The total cost came to $46, but it was all for a greater cause – in hope of wooing the wife into getting jiggy with it in the cold of night – hidden away in public. I enjoy being cheeky, God knows I can stir the pot with [...]

I’m Breaking Up with You!

I found this clip from the Man stroke Woman comedy sketch. It’s pretty funny… if you haven’t seen it, it’s worthwhile checking out… cracked me up! These guys are from the same team that brought you the Man Cold Syndrome – if you like this vid check you’ll most likely enjoy the Man Cold… here [...]

Man Cold Syndrome (aka, poor Den)

Emma believes that when I am sick I suffer from Man Cold Syndrome… WTF? Friday, I busted my leg in judo class. I don’t think it’s broken, but it’s not a happy leg – there is definitely damage to the medial ligament of the knee and something funky is going on at the lateral side [...]

Time Apart Does NOT Mean Break Up!

I love Emma more than anything in the world – but time apart does wonders for the soul! I’ve just come back from 7 days in the snow… with friends, mostly couples, but there was no Emma. One of the partners asked where she was – I replied with “we’re spending some time apart.” Ok, [...]

Does the dating world need a Daters Lemon Law?

Yay or Nay?

My Wife is a Petty Thief!

How many guys out there have woman who loves your stuff? Emma says using my things makes her feel closer to me – from my daggy clothes, to my pyjamas (yes I love pyjamas!) to my socks and worst of all – my pens! “I feel closer to you when you’re not around…” I think [...]

Denis, NAKED TWISTER is not a first date! Part 2

If Naked Twister doesn’t work, then what will get her into bed? Emma and I had this push and pull friendship. We would flirt to a point and then one of us (usually Emma) would put on the brakes and BOOM we would stop talking. At the time I was not aware – Emma had [...]

BINGO, it’s a religion!

I was going through the $30 Date Night site looking for a date idea that would blow me away… nothing popped out at me a grabbed me. Madly pressing the red button I cruised past the Bingo suggestion. It’s such a stupid date suggestion I didn’t even notice it… but, like the subliminal promos played [...]

Love Plug: Nookii Adult Board Game for Two

Nookii is a cheeky adult game made only for two. I bought this game for Emma as a Christmas present in 2006… I had to discreetly hand it over to her at a family gathering – although Em’s mother was all over the smoke and mirrors and knew I was up to something something… About [...]

My Friends are BANANAS!!!

I don’t get it… I spent the better part of last night having a discussion about relationship problems with a friend of mine. One comment made was that his partner actually said “you never do anything spontaneous or take me out anywhere anymore – simple things like going for a hike!” I almost fell off [...]

Tame the Bear and Lame Date Ideas

Last night I watched some talk show with Kevin Bacon in it discussing master-googling or google-bating, whichever you want to call it. Basically – its where you google yourself to see what comes up. And so, I’ve just googled to check out who’s talking about our date ideas site and what’s being said. And [...]

Date Night at the Elwood RSL

Move over Rockpool, Vue De Monde and Nobu… there’s a hidden secret out there deserve a chef’s hat (Michelin star) from each of you. Sure I’m no food critic, but I do love my food! And yes, my opinion may not mean much, but this is it… and here it is!

SUCCESS!!! Mineral Hot Springs Date… sorted!

This date night was brilliant!!! And spot on the money too! $15 each entry… BUT   THE GOOD! It’s hot, damn hot. And sooooo so so good on a freezing cold night. You get to splash around in the outdoors, under the stars with plenty of greenery around you. It’s perfect for winter… when it [...]

$30 Date Night in Bushfire Country

Easter time – I decided to take Emma into a small Country town in Victoria for a $30 date idea. In the summer that just passed, the state of Victoria was hit with some major bush fires – affecting large regions. We stopped off at Beechworth in Victoria (Australia). They call it Ned Kelly country… [...]

Veggie Bar Date Night

Date night at the Vegie Bar – Melbourne (Australia) – Brunswick street. I haven’t been to the Veggie Bar since 1997 – things haven’t changed that much in 12 years, still the same place I remember it was. This time around it was my turn to sort out date night; Emma has been on this [...]