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ABC Dating Challenge

B is for Breakfast and Radio and Breakfast Radio

Today’s date of the week starts with the letter B.

We kicked off the day with Breakfast radio – with the Hump Day Crew on Melbourne’s Joy 94.9fm! We love these guys and always have a rockin’ time when on radio with them. If you’re in Melbourne make sure you tune your radio it 94.9fm each Wed morning between 6 – 9am.

Included is a vid of $30 Date Night on the radio chatting about some summer date ideas you can do before the great weather is gone. Autumn has hit Melbourne – the weather is still fine but there are only a couple weeks left before its all cold and windy! Afterwards we hit Melbourne-town for breakfast date idea!

B is for Breakfast – week’s alphabet date duties.

The European cafe was the place of choice for today’s bonanza. Em’s is a MASSIVE advocate of the European and thus it was the place to be cause it’s what the people (Emma) wants.

The European is located on Spring Street between Bourke and Little Bourke. Breakfast time rocks there as the sun rises and beams straight on you when sitting. It’s got a clear city feel with cars zooming by with urgency to get to work on time – definitely not a place to go sit and relax during a weekday, instead use as a kick start to the day. The weekends provide a much looser and relax feel with much less cars in the city.

I always love taking footage of date night – people think we’re out-of-towners. The waitress which was fabulous at what she does was stunned to hear that we live in the city yet still take footage of each other. She was even more stunned when I told her that we were out for a $30 Date Night. Once she took grasp of the concept and the fact that the bill came to $37.10 there were apologies made for breaking the budget on us – it was all very cute!

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