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Burlesque Bar Date Night

If there’s one thing I now know about Burlesque Bar, it’s that you will probably get what you least expect.

Burlesque has long been a bourgeoning scene in Melbourne. I love me a bit of glitter and pasties – this was not my first burlesque show. The history and glamour of the genre just enchants me, and the ballsy women that put themselves up on that stage night after night to titillate, shock and tease (in more ways than one) their audience are just amazing.

We went along recently on a $30 Date Night, offered kindly to our Melbourne subscribers by Burlesque Bar. Tickets for two and a glass of wine on arrival each were ours for $30, usually $78. Bargain!

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We huddled into the bar on a cold Friday night, strategically placing ourselves away from the stage – and thank God we did!

Our host for the night wasn’t some buxom Burlesque beauty… no, no… this show was aptly named ‘Tits and Giggles’ and we were treated to the comedic stylings of one Ethel Chop.

And she was perfect.

This is Ethel – a grumpy “octogenarian” who dresses head to toe in lurid polyester and doles out excellent advice in spades. She had us in stitches all night long… Especially Den, who cries when he laughs too hard (which I love) so he was in tears for most of the night.

Ethel was charged with introducing the acts to us – we were privileged to see one of Melbourne’s burlesque darlings Honey B. Goode, who is a true professional and specialises in classique burlesque.

Also part of the Vaudeville-themed Tits and Giggles show was a gorgeous husky singer, Jasper Jewel who was Jessica Rabbit incarnate – glittery dress, slinky moves and all.

And – my favourite for the night because she was so darn cute – one miss Clara Cupcakes who plays coy then suddenly turns feral at the end of her acts in the best possible way, mounting audience members and getting all randy. She also dazzled us with things I’ve never seen done with a hula hoop!

It was such a fun night. We had an awesome time and I highly recommend a night of Burlesque for any couples looking to tickle a fancy or two without being smutty about it.

Burlesque Bar
42 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC
Phone: 03 9415 8088

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