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ABC Dating Challenge

C is for Comedy Festival

And so our alphabet dating streak continues. C, for us, is for Comedy Festival which was a wonderfully spontaneous date we decided to go on last night.

What I love about the Melbourne Comedy Festival is that they run a box office from the Town Hall that you can walk into at any point during the festival and get tickets for whoever you want to see at whatever time you like (providing they’re not sold out already!). Similarly, you can walk in off the street and just go “Who’s on now that’s good?” and the Ticketing guys will talk you through the shows getting the rave reviews.

So we had heard Tom Gleeson was putting on a good show from a few different sources. We rocked in at 8.05pm to the ticket box and in less than ten minutes were at the Vic Hotel with a glass of wine and a beer ready to laugh. Pure date night gold!

This one did cost us a little more than $30 (Double. It cost us double.), but some of the shows won’t set you back that much – particularly if you go on Tightarse Tuesday!

Here’s a little clip from Tom Gleeson at last year’s Comedy Festival Gala (warning: probably NSFW if your boss is a hardarse. Language and adult themes and such.) It’s a particularly funny clip to me because Den happens to BE a male masseur… anyway, just watch it. He’s funny.

And from personal experience we can also recommend the highly inappropriate, extremely hysterical Eddie Ifft – but don’t go if you’re one of those sensitive types… he’s riDONKulously out there and nothing is sacred (just the way we like it.)

On second thought, here’s another Tom Gleeson video from this year’s Gala. Very funny. Enjoy!

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  1. Posted by Year on the Grill | April 9, 2010, 10:32 pm

    A great idea… used to do that when dating, haven’t for years

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