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Date Night Reviews

Casino Date Night

Date Night – inspired by DATE IDEAS generator.

Ummm… Hm. I think I did a really bad thing. I have known for a long time that my beloved Den (hi baby) has an addictive personality. Longtime smoker, obsessive playstation gamer, Custard tartaholic… Soon to be addicted gambler. Thanks to me.

We took a stroll through the city and along the river to the wonder that is Crown Casino (Melbourne / Australia) tonight… the bright lights, jumping flames and musical water features lured us slowly in and before we knew it we were on the gaming floor with not an exit in sight. Nor a clock. Thousands of people everywhere (on a Wednesday. Who knew?).

Neither of us has ever gambled before! After sussing out our situation and deciding against alcohol to get us started, we bypassed the Black Jack and Craps tables and headed for something that seemed relatively easy and safe. Roulette. $2.50 minimum bet (woo-hoo! Turns out that most people bet AT LEAST $50 worth on one spin in their $2.50 allottments… safe to say we were the lowest rollers there! We didn’t bet past $5, ever.) We found an empty table (marketing hint for the casino: Consider labelling out some low-rolling ‘Virgin Tables’ for people like us!) and pleaded with the dealer to go easy on us. He gave us a quick overview of our options and a stack of chips (exactly $30 worth) and away we went!

I played it safe, betting colours only to start. Red. Win! $5! Awesome! Red again. Win! $5 more! Pffft, easy. I started setting the Versace store downstairs in my sights… it wouldn’t be long before I could cash in my winnings and go find a handbag. A few more safe bets and wins on blacks, first thirds and odds and we were away (Den, who had half the chips was meanwhile whittling them down to a pathetic stack and letting the team down).

Halfway through, I had the presence of mind to look up at the screen that shows the results history. Hm. Had been an awful lot of reds in a row. Surely it was time for a black? My heart said red, my head said black. ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR HEART PEOPLE. Always go with your heart. I started my losing streak because I was thinking too hard about it!

We sat at our little table for about half an hour, winning and losing, venturing out to place bets on numbers (Grrreat odds!) and watching a lot of other people literally throw $100 worth of their chips onto the table, that got swept away into a hole when they lost, never to be seen again.

Down to our last five dollars. We decided to put it all on one number for the hell of it. I picked Den’s birthday. He nearly said (this is the fish that got away, I know, but I do believe he did very nearly say it because he’s been beating himself up ever since) “Put it all on ‘00’!“
but for once in his life he decided to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT (go figure, of all nights and all moments, he chooses now). The wheel spun and landed on the ‘00’! Crushed, we walked away, Den shattered that he hadn’t listened to his heart and called out, and that we could have potentially had $175 in our pockets!!

I will say this, though: it was very, very hard to walk away after that. We could have had $175! Maybe we should go back! Try another $30! See what happens! All we needed was one right number! Should we go back? Then we could pocket the original $30 and play with the rest and make thousands! Thousands! Both of us felt an irresistible pull to keep playing.

We left. Immediately.

I still want to go back. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Perhaps I’m the one I should be worried about?

My advice: Take only your CASH that you will need for the night with you to the casino. Leave all credit cards behind. Leave any excess cash behind. Your $30 budget for date night can go guilt free (it is there to be spent on a date, it doesn’t matter what you blow it on as long as you have fun!) but don’t lose money you can’t afford. Don’t go at all if you think you can’t walk away!

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5 comments for “Casino Date Night”

  1. Posted by Denis | August 20, 2008, 5:31 am

    Too funny Em’s!!! I admit that was a fun date night!

    God I suck at gambling! I too could have gone back for more… $30 just wasn’t enough, but I’m sure even if we bet with $30,000, that still wouldn’t be enough. I can see how gambling can be an addiction.

    Good thing for me was that the Casino’s pull – like gravity – diminished the further we walked away from it. I agree with Emma, it’s a $30 date night, that’s it! Once you lose it walk away…

    Actually, that night was Emma’s date night (that’s why she heads up the discussion). Yet still I was carrying over $100 in my pocket. We almost convinced each other as we were leaving the doors of the Casino that we could trade in next week’s date night for once more roll on the roulette table… or fuck it… its only $100, lets blow it!?!?! I’m glad now that we didn’t. Also I feel better about talking to people about how we blew our $30 date night on the tables because I doesn’t feel like we lost… if I lost a large amount of money I can promise I would be blogging about it.

    If you’re into guilty pleasures… enjoy a cigarette when your fiancé is not watching, or when she’s not home play your playstation till your hearts content, and scream black and blue that you were running the business! Or eat the custard tart!!! YUM!!! You’ll work if off tomorrow… ha!

    Later, Den.

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