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5 Gorgeously Green Date Ideas

We’re up to week ‘G’ and in addition to the list of date ideas beginning with ‘G’ I’ll be posting later (when I’ve written it!), the wonderful Cate and Chris from Green Renters have guested today’s post, giving us five great, green, sustainable date ideas for you to try! Challenge yourself to a month’s worth [...]

Top 5 (Non-Soppy) Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The commercialism of Valentine’s Day seems to be grating on everyone’s nerves this year. And it’s not just singles that are hating Valentine’s Day. Couples everywhere that I speak to are vehement. “Bloody Hallmark”… “Overpriced Flowers”… “Don’t tell me when to be romantic towards my wife” You know what everyone? Get over it. It’s VALENTINE’S [...]

The ‘Top 10′ Date Lists Collection!

If we had a popularity contest for our blog posts, these would be the winners, so I decided to make especially for you… Our Top 10 Date Lists Collection! Well… not all of them are Top 10s as such, but you get what I mean. A quick glance at our most looked-at posts from 2009 [...]

20 Festive Christmas Date Ideas

The rush of the festive season can leave you and your sweetie feeling a little short of time… don’t quit on your weekly date nights amidst all the chaos. Here are more than enough Christmas-themed date ideas to keep you going through the festive season! 1. Go get your tree! 2. Make Eggnog 3. Decorate [...]

5 Fresh Date Ideas for the Mornings

Sometimes (like last week!) the only time you can find for a date night with each other during a hectic week is a sliver of time of a morning… whether it’s a few hours on a weekend or stealing time before you go to work, here are a few morning date ideas that may appeal [...]

6 Other Ways You Can Hang Out With Your Sweetie

Date night isn’t the only way to spend time with your sweetheart! We give you 6 more great ways to make sure you get some quality time together instead of getting caught up in the humdrum of daily life. These six ideas are great if you find yourselves pressed for finding time. 1. Do the [...]

7 of the Most Romantic Date Ideas Ever

Swoon. Candlelight, soft music, long-stemmed roses and tummy-butterflies… every couple needs romance in their lives at some point. Not all of our date ideas at ThirtyDollarDateNight.com are the most romantic (some are fun, some are silly and some are downright cheesy!) but the ones that ramp up the romance factor ALWAYS seem to be appreciated… [...]

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

Happy Birthday to US! The Best of $30 Date Night.

I have to say, I’m a little fuzzy and happy right this second! I JUST realized that we posted our first blog entry one year ago today… Happy Birthday to us! So, at one year old, we’re still toddling around finding our feet, but so happy to report that we are looking forward a much [...]

5 Ways to Do Something New With Your Sweetie

Here at $30 Date Night, we work from the philosophy that doing new things with your sweetheart sparks the same brain chemistry as when you first fell in love. This is why we suggest date night – doing something new every week will keep your loved-up and giddy! Quite literally speaking, when you do something [...]

7 Completely Free Date Ideas

We notice that on our $30 Date Night site, our Free Date Ideas page has become rather popular all of a sudden! Well, what our people want, our people get. Here’s our choice for top ten free date ideas you and your sweetie can do together! Recommended for long-term couples to indulge in when they’d [...]

5 Worthy Date Ideas That Give Something Back

Here are five date ideas that don’t rate all that well on our $30 Date Night voting system. True, they’re not the most romantic of ideas – and we are certainly not suggesting you necessarily use them in your early courting phase! But if you are one half of a committed couple that knows each [...]

10 Saucy Date Ideas You Can Do Naked!

Our next door neighbor thinks our date ideas are hysterical – and regularly teases that we tend to take boring ideas and add ‘do naked!’ to make them a bit more exciting. It’s true. We do. And so especially for Gath, I bring you ten great date ideas that you can do naked! Best of [...]

10 Fun Date Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

We moved date night to Sunday this week, as it was the only spare time we could find to indulge in a few hours quietly together. There’s something lovely about a lazy Sunday date. I’ve compiled a list of a few great lazy Sunday date ideas here for you, after the jump.

5 Creative Ways to do the Movies – the $30 Date Night way!

So, we know that a lot of you love the movies… and we don’t want to begrudge you one of your favourite pastimes… but if you are going to do it, do it with flare! Remember, it only takes a small injection of novelty to make it a butterfly-inducing date! Here are five ideas to [...]

10 Great At-Home Date Ideas (for Parents)

I know, I know. There’s toys everywhere… You hum ‘Hot Potato’ by the Wiggles because it’s stuck in your damn head from watching it over and over again… You haven’t had a conversation for months that doesn’t involve the potty, the children, Iggle Piggle… you eat at 5 o’clock when they eat because it’s easier… [...]

The Bookstore Date Idea & 5 Other Conversation Starters

The Bookstore Date Idea is one that was suggested to us awhile ago, and I’ve been curious to try it! I love reading, always have. Den, not so much. But I thought we’d give it a crack anyway. A beautiful, warm Wednesday night so we took a stroll down Lygon Street to Borders and good-naturedly [...]

Ten Pin Bowling & 5 Other Cheesy Date Ideas

Oh, I know, I know… groan… Ten Pin Bowling is soooooo lame, right? Yes, you’re absolutely right. But the fact that it is so daggy is what makes it a whole lotta fun! I must admit, Den did look pretty dubious when he realised where I was leading him. In fact, he seemed so unimpressed [...]