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Worst Date #4: The Nudist Beach

So, we finally stopped procrastinating and we did it! Worst Date #4…. The Nudist Beach. This was so-called the “Worst Date” because over on our date ideas website, it has one of the worst ratings in our user voting system. Fair enough too, the thought of it is pretty intimidating! After putting it off for [...]

Worst Date #2: Swimming at the Local Pool

Well, we did Worst Date #2 yesterday… and I’m very happy to report that it wasn’t so bad at all! Swimming at the Local Y rates badly for some reason, but I don’t know what y’all are complaining about? We picked a gorgeous sunny day (Hello to summer down here in Australia!) and headed to [...]

Date Night Review: Joint Manicures

So. Worst Date #1 was… well, it was ok. We started with the most benign of the four worst dates: getting joint manicures. Not a bad one, especially from a female perspective. I don’t mind a good manicure. Feedback from girlfriends was along the same lines: what a great date idea! Which makes me suspect [...]

Worst Date Challenge: Date #1 Coming Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is Date #1 of our Four Week Worst Dates Challenge. We’re starting with the least offensive date – Joint Manicures. And not just any manicures. In the interest of sticking to the rules and keeping it a $30 date, we’ve had to book them at the local beauty training college. Greaaat. Now, I’m [...]

The Stupidest Idea We’ve Had Yet

Well, this is exciting. Denis and I have been challenging our users to a 4-week Date Night Challenge for awhile now. The idea is that you create an account over on $30 Date Night and save your four favorite date ideas from our list of amazing ideas and print them off. Then you and your [...]

Date Night on Deck 88…

This date night blew the budget… blasphemy!!! The total cost came to $46, but it was all for a greater cause – in hope of wooing the wife into getting jiggy with it in the cold of night – hidden away in public. I enjoy being cheeky, God knows I can stir the pot with [...]

Pho Fo’ Date Night

One of our anonymous users suggests taking your date to eat Pho – Vietnamese noodles for date night! Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been out for authentic Pho and neither had Den. I Googled around to find some recommended places in Melbourne and was stunned to find one of the best was within a [...]

Video Game Arcade Date Night Review

So. Den is one of those guys that is constantly on his PSP (that’s PlayStation Portable for any non-gamers and non gaming-widows out there). In classic addict style, he is also in denial that he might have a problem. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he spends maybe, 30 minutes a day on [...]

BINGO, it’s a religion!

I was going through the $30 Date Night site looking for a date idea that would blow me away… nothing popped out at me a grabbed me. Madly pressing the red button I cruised past the Bingo suggestion. It’s such a stupid date suggestion I didn’t even notice it… but, like the subliminal promos played [...]

A Date Night in Pictures: Dominique Portet Winery

…all for under $30! Great date night in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley… go find your own local winery reigon and seek out some cellar door specials! Enjoy! Rate the Date Romance Factor: 5/5 – Gorgeous wine region drive, beautiful views, great food and great wine Cheese Factor: 1/5 Fun Factor: 3/5 Overall: Wonderful date for a [...]

Death By Cheese, aka Fondue Date Night

Wow. Who knew those Swiss were so hardcore about their cheese? I looked up our local Swiss Club for date night this week, in the hopes of trying some authentic fondue… I’ve never had it before, and neither has Den. Let me start by getting one thing very clear: I love my cheese. I would [...]

Date Night at the Elwood RSL

Move over Rockpool, Vue De Monde and Nobu… there’s a hidden secret out there deserve a chef’s hat (Michelin star) from each of you. Sure I’m no food critic, but I do love my food! And yes, my opinion may not mean much, but this is it… and here it is!

Date Night with Cirque Du Soleil

We had a special date night this week; Den was given tickets to Cirque Du Soleil for his birthday. Some of you might think that a night at the Circus doesn’t really fall into our $30 budget…. But we figure if they were a present, then we still have our budget to spend on popcorn [...]

SUCCESS!!! Mineral Hot Springs Date… sorted!

This date night was brilliant!!! And spot on the money too! $15 each entry… BUT   THE GOOD! It’s hot, damn hot. And sooooo so so good on a freezing cold night. You get to splash around in the outdoors, under the stars with plenty of greenery around you. It’s perfect for winter… when it [...]

The Museum Date – Twice.

The last two dates I’ve been in charge of have ended up at some sort of museum. First, the Melbourne Immigration Museum, full of old customs tools and laws, models of boats that brought early settlers to Australia and great old photos taken by migrants on their journey to this country. Yesterday, we went to [...]

$30 Date Night in Bushfire Country

Easter time – I decided to take Emma into a small Country town in Victoria for a $30 date idea. In the summer that just passed, the state of Victoria was hit with some major bush fires – affecting large regions. We stopped off at Beechworth in Victoria (Australia). They call it Ned Kelly country… [...]

Veggie Bar Date Night

Date night at the Vegie Bar – Melbourne (Australia) – Brunswick street. I haven’t been to the Veggie Bar since 1997 – things haven’t changed that much in 12 years, still the same place I remember it was. This time around it was my turn to sort out date night; Emma has been on this [...]

Date Night Failed :(

Sometimes date night doesn’t go down the way you envisioned it… last night is experience had all the makings of a brilliant night out but it disappointed. Lately, Melbourne has had a heatwave, a series of 40 degree days (104F). The nights have given us perfect weather to go star gazing… warm, calm and clear [...]

Date Night on ICE!

Date night on ICE! A wonderful concept in my head… and definitely something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. The romance of gliding on the ice graciously was very appealing – date or no date I just thought it would be cool to skate on ice. I found out an important truth about [...]

The name is Bond… James Bond.

So date night was Quantum of Solace last night. Bang bang, drive fast, run around the place – martini, shaken not stirred – or in the new style bond, same theme just more contemporary. Search for stationary then oops, accidentally slip onto the pretty girl and have sex. Ahh, everything that makes up a classic [...]

Dancing in the Rain… Not So Romantic, Actually.

Melbourne is famous for its ever-changing weather. The saying goes – if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. In a matter of hours this city can go from beautifully sunny to pouring rain, windy and back again. Last Wednesday, Melbourne had put on a particularly hot, dry summer day. 33 degrees (91.4f) of [...]

Farmers Market Date Idea

Sat morn I consult the $30 Date Night guide… “FARMERS’ MARKET!” Brilliant… Emma will love it. Now, what the hell is a Farmers’ Market and where will I find a market such as this in the city of Melbourne? I’m picturing sheep, cows, goats… farmers in overalls and straw hats sitting on bales of hay. [...]

Recession? What recession?

Just got back in from date night at Maha Bar… great little spot that we have featured on the Melbourne City Guide dates! Now, you can get away with a fantastic bar snack for $30… the lamb, lemon and chilli Turkish pizza comes highly recommended and the chicken and almond bastille is great, tucked into [...]

A Pissa! Adjective – Australian slang for causing amusement or laughter;

The Comics lounge on Erroll Street North Melbourne is where you would have found Emma and me for Date night (on Wednesday night). Bless the guys that run that place… for $15 each you get 2 hours of comedy, and piss funny comedy too! Last night showcased 6 comedians with big names like Fox K, [...]

Worst Date So Far!

Golf! According to the $30 date night rating system, the popularity of going to a driving range is rated lower than average, and fair enough… if the majority of voters don’t like golf that’s ok with me. Last night I took Emma for hit on the driving range as our date… it didn’t pan out [...]

Cookies are a Sometimes Food

Ugh… I feel like such a piglet. The last few days, Den and I have managed to make our way through an entire batch of delicious, chewy, soft, sugary chocolate chip cookies. And we haven’t even gotten started on the peanut butter batch we also made on date night this week.   We don’t bake. [...]

Behind the Hedge…

There is definitely some sex appeal about being caught. It’s so cheeky, soooooooo 16 year-old-ish! Remember the days of meeting girls behind bike sheds or basketball courts, hoping not to be caught by the teachers…

Dinner and DVD Date Night – With a Twist

Some nights, you just can’t be assed leaving the house for date night. I was exhausted this week after organising an event for fashion week, sleeping badly… you know the drill. I just wanted to snuggle up under a blanket, eat some good food and be with Den. Boring, right?   Well, there’s one way [...]

Paint a Portrait

$30 on art supplies… easy!

It’s wed night, date night… in usual fashion I’ve left it to the last minute. I jump on the $30 Date Night site and start clicking madly through the date suggestions when I stumble upon “paint a portrait of each other – Submitted by Ming from Melbourne.” Perfect, this is tonight’s date, thanks Ming!

Where, oh, where did my date night go?

For anyone keeping count, you may notice that it was Den’s date night turn last week. You may also notice there is no post from Den. That’s right, there was no date night. Sigh. We had originally rescheduled to Saturday but SOMEONE woke up with a sore head, feeling very sorry for themselves after a [...]

Casino Date Night

Date Night – inspired by DATE IDEAS generator. Ummm… Hm. I think I did a really bad thing. I have known for a long time that my beloved Den (hi baby) has an addictive personality. Longtime smoker, obsessive playstation gamer, Custard tartaholic… Soon to be addicted gambler. Thanks to me. We took a stroll through [...]

Taking Your Date Shopping

We took our $30 the other week and headed to late night shopping at Chadstone (it’s a huge mall, for our US readers…). We had $30 to spend on something lovely for Den. I expected him to hate the idea, but he was quite chuffed that we were spending a night all about him and [...]

Play Pool in a Seedy Pub

Can you remember the last time you actually learned something about your partner? Something that made you go “woah, that’s a little strange!” Like when you first noticed your partner’s walk… or a laugh that made you kinda go “thats a little different” I learned something new about Emma on our “play pool in a [...]