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We Don’t Want Your Money, Just Your Kisses!

We Don’t Want Your Money, Just Your Kisses!

I LOVE this. Metro St James Cafe in Sydney is giving away free coffee in the month of June, all in the name of love. Couples can pay for their morning coffees simply by kissing in this charming French cafe. The kiss must be real. In the clip, this waiter warns one couple that he [...]

Love Language: A Jubilee Film

This little video is just gorgeous. And it holds a special place in my heart, in particular. I don’t want to ruin the video for you, so you’ll have to watch it first. And maybe I’ll explain a little more in a future post.

The Better Marriage Blanket

I am still giggling as I write this post from watching the commercial. In short, an American company has come up with the ‘Better Marriage Blanket’ made from the SAME CARBON FABRIC THE MILITARY USES TO PROTECT AGAINST CHEMICAL WEAPONS (I couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s that funny) to stop the odour of farts [...]

Love Plug: Hello You Fool, I Love You

I just saw these gorgeous prints featured in Shop Til You Drop while I was having a pedi (coral pink, thanks for asking) and immediately had to run home to Love Plug them for you guys! Blacklist Studio, a tres chic Sydney art and design company is selling these great love-inspired prints that aren’t cheesy [...]

Love Plug: Hollywood Make-Out Mints

I have just fallen in love with these cute-as-a-button Make-Out Mints… packaged in a sexy retro pink tin with embossed hearts on it, it’s the perfect product to keep you date night ready in a crisis. Tuck them into your handbag and freshen yourself up pre-date with the tiny pink heart-shaped mints inside. Says the [...]

Love Plug: Old School Polaroids

What is it that’s so romantic about having an old Polaroid photo? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the sense of nostalgia is overwhelming. We found this site where you can work back your favorite pics of the two of you into vintage-style Polaroid. Here’s a few I prepared earlier…

Government Gives Second Honeymoon for Troubled Couples

A Malaysian state government is taking it upon themselves to give assistance to troubled couples, encouraging them to work on their relationship rather than divorcing – by sending them on a second honeymoon and providing counseling. (Source: AP) KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Malaysian state government says it plans to offer free honeymoons to save [...]

Love Plug: Nookii Adult Board Game for Two

Nookii is a cheeky adult game made only for two. I bought this game for Emma as a Christmas present in 2006… I had to discreetly hand it over to her at a family gathering – although Em’s mother was all over the smoke and mirrors and knew I was up to something something… About [...]

Love Plug: Kama Sutra Play Products

What do Strawberry and Champagne flavoured body dusts, edible massage souffles and a Lover’s Paintbox of Chocolate have in common? Well, they are all verrry classy, very adult bedroom play products from the divine range at Kama Sutra. Far from seedy, the packaging and concept behind these lickable, kissable products will add a touch of [...]

Love Plug: The Most Romantic Movie of 2009 is Coming

See the first official trailer from The Time Traveler’s Wife after the jump! (Cue girly squealing!)

Love Plug: Old-fashioned Telegrams

Plugging great products and services for couples…. How cute is this idea?! Send your sweetie a quaint, old-fashioned telegram love note from the guys at Just type in your message and presto! a telegram will arrive on their doorstep like magic. These telegrams cost less than $5USD, anywhere in the world, they look and [...]