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“You’re my wife? Holy sh*t! I hit the jackpot!”

“You’re my wife? Holy sh*t! I hit the jackpot!”

This is absolute gold! It’s like a grown up version of David after Dentist. Jason Mortensen is waking up from an operation and due to heavy sedation, he doesn’t recognise his gorgeous wife who is standing right in front of him videoing the whole thing. At first, he thinks she’s a nurse sent by the [...]

The Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

You guys know I’m a sucker for a great marriage proposal… this one is awesome! It’s all explained in the video…

Now This is a Wedding Video!

Joya and Emre didn’t want your average wedding video – instead they turned themselves into rockstars with this MTV Video-style piece that just put a huge smile on my face! Love it!

Who Lies About Money?

The very clever team at has come up with this cute-as-ten-buttons visual representation of Love & Money based on some recent findings… just in time for Valentine’s Day! Money is one of those Big Things that couples argue most about. You only have to look below to see that no matter if you’re doing [...]

Danny & Annie: A Love Story

I was lucky enough to find this video in my web travels last night (thanks to Sarah Prout for sharing it) and I just had to post it here for everyone because this is a story that should be told. It’s sad (you’ve been warned – grab a Kleenex before you hit play) but also [...]

Video: Best Public Proposal Ever

While I’m still completely glad that Den proposed to me in private (before springing all our in-on-it family and friends on me!), if he absolutely had to do it in public, I would’ve wanted one just like this. I’ve watched it about 5 times already and I tear up every time! Let us know if [...]

Real Life Couples: Brett and Mandy

Brett and Mandy have to be one of the most fun-loving couples we’ve come across in our web-travels! They are daters in their own right on their side of the world, writing for Seattle P-I about their adventures on the town dating in Seattle, as well as on their own Brett and Mandy Date Night [...]

A 3-way Relationship? Bingle, Clarke, and the Rest of Australia

The end of a relationship – or facing any relationship problems, for that matter – is never easy, never clean-cut. In the case of Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke, the nude photos, the Fev affair and the very public flight home from New Zealand have made it even less so. I feel for them both, [...]

Real Life Couples: Rebecca and Murray

Welcome to one of our new segments for 2010 – Real Life Couples. A tiny insight into the lives of real, actual couples from all over the globe, all going through their own journeys… a very real way to see that each relationship can have it’s ups and downs and that you really do need [...]

The Secret to Hugh Jackman’s Happy Marriage

Well, we were thrilled to see this headline in The Age newspaper today: “The Secret to Hugh Jackman’s Happy Marriage” The Age reports: “Hugh Jackman has a happy marriage because he has date nights. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star – who has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996 – has revealed he and his [...]

Rove Interviews Tasma – Adorable!

Okay, so I’m a little behind the eight-ball on this one. I didn’t see the actual show (it was a couple of weeks ago) and my sister-in-law just told me how seriously cute Rove and Tasma were together on Rove’s show! (Ah, for our American audience, Rove is our favourite talk show host over here [...]

The Proposal: Part 1

It occurs to me that Den and I have been doing some spouse-bashing on this blog lately, what with our airing of bad habits and petty annoyances! It’s all in good humor of course… that’s just the way we are with each other. We’ve faced reality about our differences and are happy to air them [...]

Follow Their Lead: The Obamas Do Date Night!

The world has been abuzz with the scandal of the Obamas’ fantastic, expensive date nights – from a Broadway show in New York to dinner by the Eiffel Tower in Paris the next, the President and First Lady are setting an amazing example to couples everywhere. Politicians, the media and dating ‘experts’ are all weighing [...]

Michelle Obama Talks Date Night

NB: Video after the jump! The Obamas are undoubtedly the busiest couple in the entire world, with the weight of global responsibility squarely on their shoulders… we’re sure that their weekly schedules would be enough to put us mere mortals to shame. And yet… And yet they still find time for regular date nights (and [...]