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mX Column: Clap if You Believe in Soulmates

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a hopeless romantic. Roses, candles, love letters, chocolates… I’m a sucker for all the tacky clichés and I don’t care if it’s wrong. I don’t even want to be right. When I was younger and more impressionable I also believed in soulmates. That there was [...]

mX Column: Can Men and Women Be ‘Just Friends’?

Can men and women ever really just be good friends? Jealous girlfriends everywhere will tell you no, they can’t. The media further fuels those insecure thoughts – there aren’t all that many prototype examples of what a cross-sex platonic friendship should look like. And too often, these on-screen friendships turn into Happily Ever After (Monica [...]

mX Column: Wooing Women Right

Are men running out of ideas for wooing women? So far in dating evolution, we’ve seen a full gamut of techniques, from dragging cave women back to the cave, reading sonnets, wolf-whistling and tooting car horns, sleazy one-liners (“Is there a mirror in your pants?”) and, in most recent years, the insult. “Negging” is the [...]

mX Column: Why is Food So Damn Sexy?

What is it about food that is just so damn sexy? Even the words we use to describe it are hot. Gooey, spicy, steamy food. Food and love have been linked since… well, probably since the dawn of time. I’m sure the most romantic thing a caveman could do for his cavewoman was bring home [...]

mX Column: The New Online Dating

Outsourcing is de rigueur in our technologically savvy world. There are personal organisers, personal stylists and people to mow your lawn. And now you can even outsource your dating life – or at least the more annoying aspects of it. Online Dating consultants will, for a fee, do the hard work it takes you to [...]

mX Column: A Little Privacy

A friend of mine has taught her husband how to wax her pits for her. They are clearly a couple who are very comfortable with each other. Me? I like to keep a bit of mystery going on in a relationship. Some things are best done behind closed doors. Hell, I wouldn’t even reference my [...]

mX Column: Casual Sex? Not Always Casual.

In the age of the casual hook-up, I’d hazard to say most people have had a bonk-buddy up their sleeve at some point for times of need. It’s a common belief that women, in particular, have difficulty adjusting adapting to a casual sex arrangement. But it turns out that is not our biggest worry when [...]

mX Column: The Etiquette of Dating

What has happened to manners? It seems everyone is so busy these days that there is no time for niceties – returning emails, RSVPing to parties and even saying thank you have fallen by the wayside. When it happens with friends, we can understand, kiss and make up. In dating, however, bad manners are unforgivable. [...]

mX Column: There Is No “Mostly Equal”

NB: This column has been altered slightly from it’s original publication as I have an infinite word count on this blog. There are many things straight couples take for granted that gay couples have had to fight for. And on Monday, Eliza Bern’s article in mX sparked even more conversation on the topic. Bern suggested [...]

mX Column: Virtually Together

I’m sitting on a plane to Sydney as I write, on my way to visit my bestie, V. I don’t spend much time on planes these days, though V does. He moved to Sydney for work a year ago, while his partner still lives and works in Melbourne. They fly back and forth as often [...]

mX Column: Damn Smug Morning People

I hate morning people. They’re always so freakin’ smug. Me? I am, categorically, not a morning person. I resent getting out of bed before 9am. It takes me hours to wake up properly and God help you if you try anything smart with me before I’ve had a coffee. Nothing is more annoying than a [...]

mX Column: What Mothers Teach Us About Love

Thank goodness for mothers and their unconditional, all-enveloping love. I know my mum is the one person in this world who will pick up the phone every time I call, and she’ll be glad to hear from me to boot. I can also depend on her to be the first by my side if I’m [...]

mX Column: The Sperm Shortage in Australia

Men once worried that advances in IVF and female independence would render them obsolete. Of course there are lots of things women need men for but, biologically speaking, sex and babies are the main things. But it turns out that women do still need men in the babies department. Sperm donations are at an all-time [...]

mX Column: Office Romances are A-Ok

Ever found yourself exchanging flirty glances over the water-cooler with a colleague? Signing off your emails to each other with a cheeky “xo” on the end? Sneaking out to coffee breaks together? The office – you spend most of your waking life there. Australians, in particular, are at work an average 1855 hours a year. [...]

mX Column: Dating Games

Out with a group of girlfriends the other night, one sidled up to me when we were touching up our gloss in the bathroom. “I just sent a text to my ex,” she confided. “Do you think that was a mistake?” Not just once. It turns out she had sent him two messages. Once to [...]

mX Column: Starting Over at 28

My friend, Y, has a problem. She has just broken up with her boyfriend of six years. It’s a massive change, but she has coped remarkably well with the separation, and has re-established herself as an independent woman – new house, new job, new outlook on life. Now, after months of painful healing, her ex [...]

mX Column: Man-Hot vs. Girl-Hot

It’s all about new-season fashion as we hit the shops, inspired by last week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – but how much of what we see walking the runways during the shows will show up in our own wardrobes? And what will the men think of it all? I’m wearing a dress today that I [...]

mX Column: The Age of the Bromance

I think my husband may be having an affair. G. – the object of his affection – is tall, good-looking, and also happens to be our next door neighbour. They see each other every day. They are members of the same gym, take frequent coffee breaks and if they can’t be in the same room [...]

mX Column: Lessons from Marriage

It’s my first wedding anniversary today. I can hardly believe a year has flown by, but at the same time it seems almost a lifetime ago. I’m acutely aware that each anniversary is cause for celebration – particularly when statistically speaking, there’s at least a 40% chance that any given couple may not stay married [...]

mX Column: Money Matters

It’s the last few days now of Febusave. More frightening than Febfast (cutting out alcohol), Febusave is an initiative set up by the ANZ Bank to encourage women to pay better attention to their finances. I rallied, and decided it was time I started taking an active role in looking after my own financial situation. [...]

mX Column: Hand-in-hand

Nothing melts the heart quite like watching an elderly couple walking along hand-in-hand together. I saw an octogenarian couple crossing Swanston Street the other day. They didn’t even look as though they could negotiate the street without one another. The husband had a walking stick, the wife a hunched back. They were clinging to each [...]

mX Column: The Rise of the Cougar

It might be the Year of the Tiger but another big cat is on the prowl. Demi started it. Then Samantha fell for Smith and we all fell right along with her. Now Susan Sarandon has broken all records by reportedly dating a 31-year-old man that her son introduced her to. She’s 63. However much [...]

mX Column: Blind Dates? Bad News.

Despite the Austen-like images my moniker may conjure, I’m not much of a matchmaker. I don’t believe in the ‘set up’, and especially not since one of my best friends, N. sent me on a blind date. On paper, it should have worked perfectly. He was cute, fun and intelligent, as promised. He even had [...]

mX Column: The Problem with Valentine’s Day

For our out-of-town readers: mX is a free newspaper available in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD at the end of the day, giving 700,000-odd people something to read on their commute home on trains, trams and buses. mX covers the issues that matter most in a concise, upbeat, funky, intelligent and sexy way. Our [...]

mX Column: How Was it For You?

For our out-of-town readers: mX is a free newspaper available in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD at the end of the day, giving 700,000-odd people something to read on their commute home on trains, trams and buses. mX covers the issues that matter most in a concise, upbeat, funky, intelligent and sexy way. Our [...]