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Collection of the Best Wedding Dances Ever!

Weddings should be a fun celebration of life, of friends, of family and of course of love. We love these three couples who went out of their way to deliver some fun into their wedding day and shirk off the staid traditions that can threaten to make the day far too serious! Kudos to you all! So brave!

Jill and Kevin have just gone viral this week and I’m sure you’ve all seen the amazing footage on the news! Before them, these other two couples carried the torch and danced the ass off their own first dances.

Jill and Kevin

The Original ‘Baby Got Back’

James and Julia do Johnny and Baby

Den and I had a little choreographed number to Michael Buble’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ – half Foxtrot, half Salsa. We kept it a complete secret and everyone was blown away to see us doing something fun and different. Not to mention they never even knew Den could dance! We practised hard in the carpark of our apartment building for months!

What’s the best one you’ve seen? Did you choreograph something for your own wedding? Love to hear from you!

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