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Cookies are a Sometimes Food

Ugh… I feel like such a piglet. The last few days, Den and I have managed to make our way through an entire batch of delicious, chewy, soft, sugary chocolate chip cookies. And we haven’t even gotten started on the peanut butter batch we also made on date night this week.


We don’t bake. In fact, Denis is lucky that I even make dinner at all. We live in the middle of the CBD, and right on Chinatown… some nights it is far easier and cheaper to just get takeaway. Or dessert. Or chocolate. Whatever it is that we need, we don’t have to walk more than 10 minutes to get it.


But it was another Wednesday that we simply didn’t feel like leaving the house. We were both craving something sweet and the thought of having the house filled with that sugary smell of cookies baking was too much to resist.


First stop: internet. Googled “Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe”. Found it. Rated 5 out of 5 by 2654 members. That’s good enough for me (cookie, cookie, cookie start with C!!).


First thing’s first. What the hell is shortening? We don’t have that here in Australia… spent some time Googling to see what the substitute name for it might be. Didn’t want to risk it. Real butter would have to do! Secondly… is it possible to “cream” ingredients without an electric beater? A bit more Googling gave us our answer: Apparently so.


We took a stroll together to the supermarket armed with a shopping list and got what we needed for two batches of cookies (a little ambitious). We came home and cranked up the radio (Love Song Dedications… I feel really mean saying this but it’s always good for a bit of a laugh…!) and worked out how to bake cookies while I serenaded Den with 80s Power Ballads that were on the radio (poor Den). It didn’t take long before there was flour everywhere, sore arms (from creaming without the bloody electric mixer) and the smell of cookies in the air!


We chatted and laughed and threw flour at each other and had a lovely, lovely time baking. We are astounded at the amount of sugar, butter and FAT it takes to make a batch of cookies. That hasn’t stopped me from scoffing the lot already… but I can now see why Cookies are a Sometimes Food these days.


Click here for the amazing choc-chip cookie recipe we used. Yum!




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