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Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Cotton (2nd) Anniversary Gift Ideas

Given everyone loved the paper anniversary post so much, I thought I’d continue the series of Traditional Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas for couples. We’re at 2nd year anniversary – cotton!

Cotton (2nd) Anniversary Ideas - new towels!

Clothes – It’s obvious, yes. There are a few ways to execute this present though. You can either:

1. Pick up some great threads for your partner that you know they’ll love, and that will fit them perfectly as well… though I only recommend this if you are supremely confident that you can do this without incident.

2. Treat your sweetie to a gift voucher from their favourite clothing store.

3. Take your sweetie on a surprise shopping spree with you! You will have to be patient and devote the day entirely to them and their whims and wishes. No complaining about hanging outside change rooms all day and no dismissing outfits as “That looks great, just get it” because you want to go home already. Be on board completely or not at all.

4. Now if you don’t think you’re up to pulling off #3, then you can really lavish your sweetie with this – treat them to a personal stylist and a bit of shopping money and leave them to it! A stylist will be able to come and check out their current wardrobe, suggest outfit matches they hadn’t thought of and then take them shopping for key pieces that work with their style and what they already own. I guarantee you every man and woman out there will love this gift (providing you get an experienced stylist who knows what they’re talking about) even if they don’t know it yet.

Bed Linen – What better gift than a bedroom makeover courtesy of luxe new bed linen for the two of you? Remodel your matrimonial bed to something that piques both your tastes’ – think sexy and chic. If you’ve got the dough, also think Egyptian Cotton.

Plush PJs – A beautiful and intimate gift for your 2nd wedding anniversary is a set of very plush pyjamas that your sweetie can swathe themselves in at bedtime every night. There’s nothing like a soft cotton nightgown or pyjama set to make you feel luxurious.

Matching Robes – Along the same train of thought as the pyjamas, a gorgeous cotton robe will brighten your every morning as you slip it on to make the coffee. Get matching ones for the chintzy factor. Or not.

Towels – If you’ve ever indulged in huge, fluffy bathsheets then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a luxury everyone should experience – is it time to treat yourselves to a brand new matching towel set?

Any other genius cotton ideas out there that I haven’t thought of?

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