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Date Night Fails

D is for Den You’re Freakin’ Disappointing

Letting The Team Down

I won’t put roses around it – I’m letting the team down…

Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to take Emma out on date night. I don’t know about you, but lately I’m feeling like everything else is getting in the way… meetings, finding more staff, paperwork, fixing bugs in our websites, paperwork, more paperwork…grrr…… I know it’s a copout but please………………….. TELL ME YOU GET IT?!?!?!

What kills me is that I know we have fun on date night once we’re doing it – the problem is getting excited when you feel like everything else is snowing you under. And what makes even less sense is that we’ve got enough date ideas on the site to make it easy for me… and I even made a system that allows me to save date ideas I like to my account for times exactly like this…

You know what! No excuses – no procrastinating – just going to do it and make it rock!

Tomorrow night (Wed 28th of April – AUSSIE time) I will be taking Emma on a date – I’m going to make it freakin’ awesome! You’ll be reading about it in 48 hours! Wish me luck!

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One comment for “D is for Den You’re Freakin’ Disappointing”

  1. Posted by Sarah | June 14, 2010, 9:23 pm

    I know it’s in the past, but goodluck! I completely understand how you feel…. uni is definately making me feel very un-inspired.

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