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ABC Dating Challenge

D is for Dumplings

You don’t accidentally find the Shanghai Village – usually it’s recommended to you. Even with it’s in your face signage there is still the fear of not knowing what you’re in for when you walk through the doors.

INSIDE: it’s loud, its very busy, it’s not 5 star service but the food is good, the food is quick and its super cheap!

You don’t make a reservation, and on some occasions you’ll see a line out the door waiting for a table. Good thing is that you’re never waiting longer than a few minutes to get a table.

Romance Factor 0 / 10
Fun Factor 5 / 10
Cheese Factor 0 / 10

Overall Factor 5 / 10

WHO THIS IS FOR: If you live in Melbourne you need to visit this place as a cheap eats guide. You’ll enjoy good tasting food without hurting your wallet. It’s even better for large groups!

In regards to a romantic night out it doesn’t cut the mustard dumpling but not every date needs to be romantic – just sharing an experience is great for you! This is our local, there is no romance in something you do on a regular basis. Who knows, next time you’re at the Shanghai Village you may even bump into us.

AS A SIDE NOTE: This date idea is a bit of a copout – I did it cause I hadn’t taken Emma out for at least 2 weeks and the date I wanted to take her on fell on Thursday which she couldn’t do. So I decided to review a restaurant that I think Melbournites would like…

NEXT WEEK: I’m doing another “D” date! this is going to be awesome… again its on a Thur and its more aligned with our mantra of getting out there and doing something different… next weeks date is out of my comfort circle – I’ve never done it before and I’m looking forward to it! Stay tuned – you’ll love it – even better if they let me get in with video or a camera but I’m not sure if we’ll get away with it.

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