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Date Night Fails

Dancing in the Rain… Not So Romantic, Actually.

Melbourne is famous for its ever-changing weather. The saying goes – if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. In a matter of hours this city can go from beautifully sunny to pouring rain, windy and back again.

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Last Wednesday, Melbourne had put on a particularly hot, dry summer day. 33 degrees (91.4f) of sweltering sun. It was the perfect weather for a Fish and Chip picnic. I jumped on the internet to search for user reviews of the best Fish & Chips to be found in Melbourne. Luckily, there was a great one just a 15 minute walk from our apartment (Kiwi Fish & Chips East Melbourne… yum!) that has gorgeous gardens nearby for the picnic. We picked up our takeaway and a couple bottles of beer and headed to a little gazebo in the park to relax nearby and kick off our shoes. Just as the last chip was being devoured, the weather turned nasty, cold and windy.

We watched the rain come in across over the city and for a few moments thought it had missed us. Unfortunately, seconds later we were drenched. Bucketing down. And we were ages away from home. At first, I thought “great – two dates in one!”… someone has recently posted the idea of dancing in the rain on the $30 Date Night site… it sounds romantic in theory, and all I could think of was that kiss from the Notebook (I’m full of silly idealistic notions like that) so rather than complaining about my hair or being cold, I giggled like a schoolgirl and grabbed Den’s hand. Unfortunately, being the practical man that he is, he was having none of it and whinged like a banshee the entire way back across the park. Kind of killed any romantic vibe that might have been going on. He was cold and wet and didn’t think twice about complaining about HIS hair.

So instead of embracing the moment we dashed for cover and hailed a taxi, got home and jumped into the spa downstairs to warm up. Which was rather nice in itself anyway… and definitely a hell of a lot warmer…

So it got me thinking I can’t be the only one suffering at the hands of practicality, can I? Any other romantics out there with a way-too-practical-partner? The kind of partner that don’t like to buy flowers because “they just die after two days” or the kind that doesn’t like to spend a morning lying in bed for hours because “there’s a whole day out there – we should GO OUT AND GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS!” (woo… just try and stop me.) The last time I had the house set up with candles and romantic music, waiting for Den’s arrival, he walked in the door and asked “why is it so dark in here?”, flipped on all the lights and switched on the telly…

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5 comments for “Dancing in the Rain… Not So Romantic, Actually.”

  1. Posted by Denis | November 20, 2008, 6:57 pm

    Deep breath… pause… what to write here!?!?!

    Emma… I am lost for words.

    What can I say, I don’t like getting wet when I’m fully clothed.

  2. Posted by Bill | February 3, 2009, 6:11 pm

    Fabulous…..send me more information please.Thanks!

  3. Posted by Travis | April 16, 2009, 8:26 pm

    I am a guy. I am a romantic. Its just that simple. I buy flowers for my girlfriend whether they die or not. I take her out on silly little dates as well as serious dates. I feel as if seeing a girl smile is worth all the trouble of doing “hopelessly romantic” things that other uncreative pathetic guys will not do for their guys…I LOVE to see my gal smile and i do whatever i have to do in order to make her happy. I dont spoil her, sure we have our disagreements (but dont we all and thats what makes it so beautiful) — love is love and you cant change what the heart wants — anyways…ladies, if you havent found the guy who is willing to do crazy things such as dancing in the rain (which i have done many times with my gal btw haha), then keep looking, there are plenty of guys out there willing to do anything just to see that gorgeous smile…keep your eyes open – you’ll know when you find him…my advice is this: dont date a stick in the mud, find a guy who is crazy, but has a sense of romance about him…you’ll know when you find him. – best of luck to ya.

  4. Posted by Denis | April 17, 2009, 12:38 am

    Oh… shit!!! I think Travis just called me a stick in the mud. And fair enough – I did not want to dance in the rain.

    Romance is a strange thing – who decided that dancing in the rain should be romantic in the first place??? Hallmark, is this your fault?

    Travis, have you danced in the rain when its pouring down. I don’t mean a summer drizzle when its hot and you welcome the rain, instead when its absolutely saturatingly wet??? And was this (a) fun, and (b) romantic? I doubt it.

    See when Emma and I did this date – to me it was simply WET… not romantic.

    Now, fooling around in a Hedge Maze like on anther post in this blog – well that to me was romance

  5. Posted by Poruke | January 4, 2011, 12:14 am

    beautiful article… as always!!!

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