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Date Night Fails

Date Night Failed :(

Sometimes date night doesn’t go down the way you envisioned it… last night is experience had all the makings of a brilliant night out but it disappointed.

Lately, Melbourne has had a heatwave, a series of 40 degree days (104F). The nights have given us perfect weather to go star gazing… warm, calm and clear skies. I had it all set up… the picnic rug, water, star maps (constellation guide), tiny torches to read the constellations, and even icy-poles… all was complete except for the location.

We had to drive out of the city… which was a good 90 minute drive and that was no issue. My proposed location was good in theory, a water reserve out of town… no lights to dull the sky view, but who would have thought that the entry gates would be locked! We drove around for a while trying to find another location but nothing really worked for us. And so, we arrived home by 12.30am tired and date-night-less.

Sometimes you don’t get date night right… and sure when expectations are missed you’re disappointed, but its cool. There will be more warm nights this summer, and this time I’ll be ready with a location that wont disappoint! I took Em’s to Yan Yean Reserve last night – then drove around King Lake looking for another location but didn’t find one… Currently, in Melbourne Australia… I’m thinking the beach would be good, Torquay or Mornington Peninsula, or even Dandenong Ranges or Sunbury?

Where would be your perfect star gazing date idea? Name your city / state / and country.

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