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Date Night on Deck 88…

Melbourne City Lights

This date night blew the budget… blasphemy!!! The total cost came to $46, but it was all for a greater cause – in hope of wooing the wife into getting jiggy with it in the cold of night – hidden away in public. I enjoy being cheeky, God knows I can stir the pot with the best of them, and even though I am a good boy I do enjoy the adrenalin rush of the possibility of being caught (obviously within reason). On this occasion Emma chickened out at the last minute.

The main focus of date night was to hit Melbourne’s Eureka Tower – the observation deck (88 stories high). I hate heights, it terrifies me and if you force me up high you’ll get an ear bashing for days afterwards. The Eureka Tower… not so scary.

Emma and Den at Eureka Tower

Let it be known that heights in theme parks are not my forte and I will happily gouge your eyes out to ensure I do not make it on a ride. We learnt this the hard way.


Happy snaps of the city lights were taken, but honestly we suck at photography. My hat goes off to the professional shutterbugs that can get a good night shot! Accompanied with a SLR and a tripod – feeling like extreme tourists and complete dicks we faffed around until we got the shots that looked great on a small 3 inch screen. But now looking at the shots – hmm, not that good!!!!

Peering through the binoculars we found our apartment – and had clear view into the lounge room of “the guy across the hall.”

Den, perving on ‘the guy from across the hall’ house

Well enough to see his TV flickering. If he was prancing around naked I’m positive you’ll be able to catch a good view.


Eureka Towers for two = $33. I recommend it once – but if you’ve done an observation deck once, you’ve pretty much done them all.

Although over budget, Emma still wanted Gelato – “sure… but Emma, going over budget is going to cost ya in other favours!”

With that thought implanted we chuckled over the cheekiness – walking back home along the river, gelato in hand (which do say was fantastico!!! – from some place in Southbank, upstairs near Bluetrain – hey, maybe we should add that place to the $30 Date Night list…) we searched for places that may be appropriate for you know… *a-hem*.

Melbourne City Lights

To be honest I knew what the outcome would be a negative but pushing Emma’s comfort circle was just as fun. I proposed a place along the river very close to the St. Kilda Road Bridge – it looked secluded – that was until we were standing on the actual St. Kilda Road Bridge looking at my proposed hiding space. Emma shrieked “It’s got a spot light pointing right into your spot!!!”


All in all – a fun date night. Nothing fancy but we did laugh our butts off which makes it a pretty good time in my eyes.

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