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Date Night Fails

Date Night on ICE!

Date night on ICE! A wonderful concept in my head… and definitely something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. The romance of gliding on the ice graciously was very appealing – date or no date I just thought it would be cool to skate on ice.

I found out an important truth about ice skating that night… it became very real to me that there are those who can skate, and those that cannot! I am staunchly set into the later group when it comes to skating on an extremely hard and slippery surface.

Ice and I do not mix… I crawled across the rink one hand held firm on the rail while my head trying to work up a rhythm to keep me skating – it didn’t work for me! One eye was jealously fixated on the others people on the ice effortlessly gliding around… and a bunch of speed skater teenagers playing tiggy on ice – are you kids mad??? That stuff hurts when you fall over!!!

Emma had a blast on this ice… she can skate (something that I never knew about her!).

My take on date night on the ice… MEH! I’m glad that date nights are not repeated – I’m not going to rush back to the rink anytime soon – BUT – I believe my problem is that I put high expectations on the night and screwed myself over because of that. If I look deep and hard I could possibly say that I had fun.

Give it a go – don’t think you’re going to be an Olympic skater and you may have fun on the ice.

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