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Date Night Fails

Date Night Review: Joint Manicures

So. Worst Date #1 was… well, it was ok.

Beauty College for Cheap Manicures

We started with the most benign of the four worst dates: getting joint manicures. Not a bad one, especially from a female perspective. I don’t mind a good manicure. Feedback from girlfriends was along the same lines: what a great date idea! Which makes me suspect it’s the men that have been voting it down… and Den wasn’t too impressed with the idea.

Nonetheless, we forged on. Being that we are all about the $30 Date Night, we had to find a manicure place that would do them for $15 a pop. In Australia, this is a little hard to come by. I understand that in the states, manis and pedis come a lot cheaper.

We ended up at the local beauty college. Our first mistake. You know what would have made it better? If we’d spent more than $30 and went to a proper day spa.

For a start, the manicures were hardly “joint”. We arrived at the beauty college, and were told to sit on a dilapidated couch to wait.

Em starts her manicure

I was taken first to one side of the room for my manicure while Den was left sitting bereft on his own. No conversation to be had across the room.

Den’s therapist was running late due to a waxing crisis with her previous client (I shudder to even think!) so I was nearly done by the time he got started.

My therapist (Nail technician? Person?) was okay until we got to the color bit. I was going to go for my signature pale pink (plus, people, pale colors look better if you’re unsure of the quality of the craftsmanship!) but Den urged me to go for something a little more drastic. “Orange!” he insisted. So I relented and went for a reddy-orange shade.

Em starts her manicure

Bad idea, Den. It was gooped on thickly, bleeding into my cuticles and onto my hand. She went back over every finger with an orange stick and some nail polish remover to take the bleed from my skin. I have known this to happen once or twice before in my manicure history – but not on every finger!

Meanwhile, this entire time Den was on the other side of the room looking seriously underwhelmed at his beauty treatment. And by the end of it, his cuticles looked just as bad as when he went in.

But you know what? It could have been a really good date, I think. Just not a good $30 Date one. If we’d spent $50 on the date, we could’ve gone to a great little boutique salon like French Pink, where we would have been sat next to each other, could’ve laughed with the therapists and our nails would have looked much better.

Den and his unchanged cuticles

Nonetheless, I do quite fancy my bright nails. They made me feel very va-va-voom all weekend!

And ladies, if you do decide to organize this date for yourself and your beau? I hear from my reliable sources over at Twitter that men appreciate a pedi much more than they do a mani. Just a little hint there.

Next week? Swimming at the Local Pool, me thinks. Which I’m kinda excited about! What gives with it being on the crap date list?

If you have any of your own date ideas (crap or otherwise) that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear about them.

My orange nails

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  2. Posted by Suzzy Nail | August 3, 2010, 4:43 pm

    This is great. I would like to see my better half at manicurist. :) Well at least you were good test subject at beauty colegue.

  3. Posted by Emma | August 3, 2010, 4:56 pm

    Suzzy Nail, it took some kicking and screaming to get him there! I’d love for him to do it more often as he does a lot of martial arts and they get bashed around a bit… and being a massage therapist, I adore his hands… he should take better care of them. :-)

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