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Date Night with Cirque Du Soleil

We had a special date night this week; Den was given tickets to Cirque Du Soleil for his birthday. Some of you might think that a night at the Circus doesn’t really fall into our $30 budget…. But we figure if they were a present, then we still have our budget to spend on popcorn and drinks! See how that works?

The Dralion show is in Melbourne at the moment, and it was breathtaking. Held under the custom-made Chapiteau, it was one of the most amazing, inspiring scenes I’ve ever witnessed. The amount of precision and dedication the performers executed every tiny thing with was extraordinary. Doing things I had no idea the human body was even capable of… well, if they can do THAT then what CAN’T someone do if they put their mind to it?

Cirque Du Soleil Date NightYoga on a Stick

From the opening act (“Yoga on a Stick”, as a friend so aptly called it!) with a young girl contorting herself into incredible positions, all with perfect control, on one hand, on top of, well, a stick – to the trampolinists, acrobats, clowns, jugglers and aerialists… live music, real drama (they didn’t always make the trick the first time – which made you appreciate how damn HARD some of it really was – but they were always given a chance to do it again and they ALWAYS got it the second time), emotional crescendos and stunning costumes, I was captivated and so was Den.

The Love Scene was my particular favourite (duh.) – graceful, romantic and airborne all at once. I think Den liked the trampolines, but I’ll let him weigh in on that in the comments.

The point is, seeing art that blows your mind right out of your usual comfort zone creates an amazing buzz and inspires a spark between you. Not to mention, art feeds your heart and soul in a very tangible way.

So, whatever your kind of art is – gallery, opera, Broadway, plays, rock concerts… splash out and treat your sweetie to an exceptional, arty date night you know they will love.

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