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Delight Your Partner with Inexpensive Nothings

Ahh… whispering sweet nothings is lovely, but handing over a sweet littIe gift to your partner for no reason whatsoever will melt them to a puddle of goo in a second.

As you know, we’re all about relationships with intent here at $30 Date Night. Break your usual routine and make your partner’s day by buying them a sweet little something to lift their spirits and let them know you’ve been thinking of them.

Here are seven great suggestions to get you started.

1. Their favourite sweet treat
What is their favourite chocolate bar? Or perhaps their favourite cake or slice? Do they love pretty cupcakes? Custard tarts? Either pick one up from the store or if you have the time, make it especially for them from scratch.

2. A bunch of seasonal flowers
Some pretty tulips or romantic roses, or even a hand-picked posy of wildflowers is the perfect ‘I was thinking of you’ gift. Pop them in a vase next to your bed and watch them smile each morning when they wake up to their beautiful fresh flowers.

3. A new album
Pop into a music shop and pick them up the latest CD from their favourite artist, or get onto iTunes and download it for them as a surprise. Better yet, make them a playlist or a mixtape of songs that remind you of them.

4. A book or magazine
Buy, beg, borrow or steal (no, don’t steal. That’s wrong and you know it.) a book that your sweetie has been meaning to read or you know they’ll adore. If the latest issue of their favourite magazine has just come out, pick it up for them on your way past the newsstand.

5. Something to make their life easier
Do they love apples? Get them one of those apple slicer things that cuts all the segments and cores the apple all at once. Do they love reading but always are leaving their books face down to keep their page? Pick them up a pretty little bookmark. Do they like to take their coffee with them to work every day? Get them a new thermos to keep it piping hot.

Figure out something that will enhance your partner’s daily ritual in a tiny, little way.

6. An actual, real-life photo
All those photos you have on your camera and on your computer and none of them have escaped digital clutches? Print and frame a beautiful photo of the two of you that they can keep next to the bed or on their desk.

7. Accessorize them!
Perhaps you’ve noticed they could do with a new scarf or mittens, or a pretty new pair of costume earrings or a bangle. If you see something that you think they’d like, pick it up especially for them.

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