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ABC Dating Challenge

E is for Ebay

Razzie from Melbourne, Australia submitted one of the more unusual date ideas on $30 Date Night – the ebay date idea. “1 wife for sale, slightly used but still has plenty of years left in her. Needs regular attention otherwise may perform poorly. Does NOT come with a guarantee. No refunds!” Just kidding!

As Razzie suggested, we cranked the tunes, poured ourselves a glass of wine and sorted a platter of cheese, dips, crackers and chips. Of course Emma had nothing in her wardrobe that she WANTED to put on ebay – so went through mine instead.

2 shirts and a hat! The shirts I’d still wear if they fit me – alas they don’t fit anymore. It’s a shame cause I only wore them a couple of times.

The ebay date idea is cruisy and easy to do. It was a lot of! Now that we’ve done it, I would recommend making sure you both get involved in the searching for the items that you’ll choose to put on ebay. Sit back on your bed and hit the wardrobe together. We kinda didn’t do that… and I reckon it would have been way cooler to make this process a team sport.

Ebay Date Idea

To view the above listing on ebay click here Politix Men’s Shirt

Ebay Date Idea

To view the above listing on ebay, go to Gangster Hat

Ebay Date Idea

To view the above listing on ebay, go to Christopher Chronis shirt

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  1. Posted by Tim | July 5, 2010, 8:03 pm

    What a fantastic idea! I am really enjoying your blog and the rest of your website!

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