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Experts Confirm: Couples Need Date Night

Well, we’ve known it for awhile and every month or so we find more research and more expert opinions confirming the same: Couples need to find time in their schedules for date night, or risk ending up a divorce statistic.

Couples Need Date Night

This article from the Evening Tribune is a good one:

“It is not only important, it is critical to a healthy marriage,” said Kristy Hemmele, a licensed clinical professional counselor at Counseling and Family Services in Peoria, Ill. “The divorce rate is, like, 50 percent. One out of two marriages end in divorce. You court before you’re married and you have that fun. Then you settle in life, and life begins to happen, kids begin to happen, bills. You become comfortable and you forget. You don’t feel valued by your spouse. You don’t feel respected. And when that doesn’t happen, a spouse has a tendency to wander to someone else who would make them feel important, make them feel valued.”

“If they don’t take time to spend with each other, they lose track of who they are as a couple,” said Leia Ogburn of Ogburn Counseling Services in Peoria Heights, Ill. “It’s so easy in this day and age with all the pressure we have from our careers, from all the activities that children get involved in, from outside influences such as our extended families, our friends. It’s so easy to lose sight of their relationship – the couple relationship.”

Click through, read the article. Then phone your partner and schedule your first date night. Because it’s important. One of the most important things you will ever do for your relationship.

If you can still think of great excuses why you can’t have a regular date night, maybe you should read this.

And if you do want to start your own reconnecting with your partner, here is a great place to start.

Happy Dating.

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One comment for “Experts Confirm: Couples Need Date Night”

  1. Posted by Cute Date Ideas Jenny | July 25, 2010, 11:45 pm

    Excellent confirmation of the fact that dating is NOT just for singles.
    All that’s really required is the will to take the time out to have some fun together – outside the home!
    Finding cute date ideas really isn’t that hard – especially on a site like this ;-)
    Jenny x

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