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5 Creative Ways to do the Movies – the $30 Date Night way!

So, we know that a lot of you love the movies… and we don’t want to begrudge you one of your favourite pastimes… but if you are going to do it, do it with flare! Remember, it only takes a small injection of novelty to make it a butterfly-inducing date!

Here are five ideas to help make the movies a bit more interesting. A lot of these are Melbourne-based (write what you know!) but I’m sure the concepts are universal and you can find similar in your own city or hometown, wherever in the world you are!

  1. The Outdoor Cinemas – The Ford Fiesta Moonlight Cinema runs every summer right around Australia and shows a great variety of new, cult classic and old favourite movies. Pack a picnic and a rug and snuggle under the stars while you watch. Favourites upcoming in the lineup include: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pulp Fiction, Australia and The Dark Knight.
  2. The Drive-ins – When was the last time you fooled around in the backseat of your car? The Coburg Drive-in is the perfect excuse to do just that! Get your own snacks from the supermarket first and steam up the windows during the previews and the boring bits.
  3. Rooftop Cinema – Above Cookie Bar in the Melbourne CBD, The Rooftop Cinema allows you to chill out in your deck chair with a beer or wine and enjoy the city skyline while you watch. Admittedly, this date will cost you a little more than $30 but for the novelty of the experience, it’s worth it.
  4. Half Pipe Cinemas – Cinemas with bean bags instead of chairs are popping up everywhere! Huddle together in an oversize beanbag, rather than negotiating the armrest while balancing the drinks and the popcorn! See Hoyts in Australia.
  5. The Classic Theatre – Find a movie theatre that plays the classics and the cult movies – usually you’ll get a double bill for the price of one! The Astor Theatre’s line ups include Stanley Kubrick double bills, It’s a Wonderful Life coupled with The Shop Around the Corner and Casino Royale back to back with Quantum of Solace.

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5 comments for “5 Creative Ways to do the Movies – the $30 Date Night way!”

  1. Posted by Meyer | December 8, 2008, 8:13 pm

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