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Fly my Kite!

In my head – I thought Kite Flying would be a breeze (no pun intended). The packaging had a label saying “not suitable for children under 36 months,” what it really should have said was “not suitable for under 32 year of age.”

Ready For Take Off
Mr Kite
no kite flying here!

– Kite… $15 from ebay
– Wind… $FREE
– Scenery… $FREE
– 1 idiot flying a kite $PRICELESS!

So this was Emma’s chance to pop my kite flying cherry. She had some flying experience – a few hours under her belt from when she was a child – but never with a stunt kite.

The Kite was bought from ebay (my favourite marketplace, delivered to right to my door) – it was cheap, simple to set up and totally breakable… it took me only a few goes before I had busted part of the kite. Em’s had fun, and some frustration; although, she managed to find more air than I did! It seemed like each time I took control of the reins the kite flew up with incredible speed, turn 180 degrees, locked on Emma as a target and then zoomed back down at breakneck speeds, only to crash into the ground a few feet from her. If anyone was watching they would swear I was doing it on purpose.

Emma Flying Kite

In My Opinion: I was expecting a little more out of flying a kite. I honestly didn’t think it would require much skill to keep it up in the air! Who knows, it probably doesn’t… maybe I just suck at it!

Things to consider: You may want to save this kind of date idea for summer – a warm day could have made this a much more pleasurable experience. We did it in the middle of winter (curse you southern hemisphere!) And, buy 2 kites – they’re cheap… if you break one at least you’ve got a spare.

USA – it’s still warm out, grab a kite and play with your sweetie before the cold of Fall hits you! Emma and I are hanging for summer to kick in (only a few months away…) I dare say Emma will want another crack at the kite then!

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2 comments for “Fly my Kite!”

  1. Posted by Emma | September 4, 2010, 7:56 pm

    What it probably should have said on the package is *not suitable for people under 36 months or over 10 years of age.

    Let’s try again on a warm day with slightly less breeze! I think it will DEFINITELY heighten the experience. (Ha! Geddit? *heighten*… )

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