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Fuss-Free Beauty – New Fun Things

There are three new things in particular that have come to my attention this week in the fuss-free beauty arena. I’m pretty excited about them! As we discussed earlier in the week, being in a relationship makes me lazy when it comes to grooming. I know a lot of other women in the same boat. It’s too easy to just think “Meh, he’s seen me at my worst and he’s still around, why should I bother shaving my legs before sex tonight? Why would I wear uncomfortable lacy underwear when my beige bog-catchers are so much comfier?”

Here are some brand spanking new things to make your daily life that much more glamorous – with minimal effort required!

1. The New York Manicure
I always feel more pulled together when my nails have been done. And I will not wear open toed shoes (or even show my feet in front of mister if I can help it) unless they’ve been pedicured. Which is why I’m out-of-my-brain excited about this:

Sarah Wilcocks from Style Melbourne Getting Her Shellac On

The world’s first hybrid gel-polish manicure has arrived, ladies! Shellac is incredible. Firstly, it is set and dried instantly under a UV light so nuffies like me can’t smudge it the second they’ve stepped out of the salong. Secondly, it comes in a range of divine colours from pale, girly pinks to vixen reds to Twilight-blacks. And (here’s the best bit) unlike normal polish manicures, this baby lasts for two whole weeks without chipping!

TWO WEEKS. And yes, it really lasts two weeks. They’re not just saying that. Of course, for something so stellar it costs a bit more than your average mani. But I think $50 (that’s $3.50 a day) for two weeks of perfect fingertips is not a lot to pay.

The polish is removed with Shellac’s special acetone-soaked pads which sit only on your fingernail to minimise contact with the skin.

The only place I know of in Australia doing the New York Manicure so far is Beaute @ 2001 in Doncaster, Melbourne. There’s nothing else on the web yet announcing that anyone else is doing it, but if you know of anywhere do post it below for us! Here’s a pic of gorgeous Sarah Willcocks from Style Melbourne getting her nails done at the Beaute Sparty.

2. The Cellulite-Sucker
I trialled this techniSPA treatment by Guinot the other day at the Beaute VIP Sparty (Spa Party) held in the divine Style Suite at Westfield Doncaster. They were also showing off their New York Manicure above and a host of other decadent pampering stations, all served up with bubbly and cupcakes. Quite a nice start to the week!

Cellulite reduction wouldn’t usually be my first choice of treatments as I (praise the Lord, I’m hoping it’s good genes and it stays this way) don’t have much cellulite to worry about on my thighs, plus, I don’t get my pins out all that often.

But even with that considered, I was blown away by this treatment. A special gel is applied to your thighs and butt region and then they hand you a metal rod to clutch. Then, they get a little machine that looks and feels like a baby dustbuster and run it over your entire leg and buttocks. It doesn’t hurt at all, feels quite nice actually.

It works to stimulate the fat cells through the skin, draining and firming them with stimulation. At the same time, it physically breaks down the cellulite structure and dissolves the fat, letting it process through your system.

I felt the results immediately afterwards when I was inspecting my thighs at home in the bathroom. The skin is firmer, more lifted. A course of 12 treatments is optimum, with case studies showing thigh circumference reduced by 3.44cm and a 35.46% increase in firmness.

It will usually set you back $120 per treatment so it’s a bit of an investment but if your thighs really do bother you, I say it’s reasonable! Right now, our friends at Beaute Medi Spa have it at $60 per treatment for the month of July (hurry!).

3. Cadiveu Brazilian Keratin Treatment
This one has just knocked not only my socks off, but all the frizz from my hair.

I have unruly hair. Cowlicks, frizz patches, won’t obey the blowdryer. And after years of highlighting, it’s looking a little worse for wear around the ends as well.

So when my hairdresser offered me a chance to trial her new Cadiveu Brazilian Keratin Treatment, I thought it sounded too good to be true. And of course I jumped at it.

The promises are simple: Keratin (which your hair is made of) will reseal the hair shaft, filling in any damaged places and leaving your locks silky, shiny, smooth. One great side effect is the straightening.

The Cadiveu treatment is the new frontier in Brazilian Keratin. The brilliant thing about this one is that you can wash your hair immediately afterwards, unlike the older generation treatments where you can’t wet your hair, or tie it up for four days afterwards. This also means the chemicals are washed out of your hair before you even go home. That’s a bonus in my book.

The before and after pics speak for themselves:

This is my hair dried off before the Brazilian Keratin treatment. No brushes used.

My hair naturally dried before Keratin Treatment

This is my hair dried off after the keratin treatment. No brushes used whatsoever. It sits looking like this no matter what. I’ve since washed it and it took me half the amount of time and effort to blow-dry it. I did a whole sweaty Zumba class and not a hair was out of place once I’d finished.

My hair naturally dried after Keratin Treatment
And from the front a few hours later, after being caught in the rain on my way out to dinner.
My hair naturally dried after Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The treatment will probably set you back anywhere from $300-$500 depending on your hair length and thickness. You can email Ally to ask any questions you have and get a quote for your hair. She’s in Melbourne. So far, I like it!

And that’s it so far daters! What great new things have you discovered to cut down your daily beauty routine or make you feel better about your “standard self” when you’re hanging around your house with your sweetie?

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3 comments for “Fuss-Free Beauty – New Fun Things”

  1. Posted by pilgrim | July 21, 2010, 10:52 pm

    oooh sleek! looks ace. i’m torn though, my hair looks a bit like your ‘before’ -perhaps a bit fluffier. but i’m worried if i get a keratin treatment it’d be too flat and sleek… i like boofy hair, just not fluffy. what a quandry!

  2. Posted by Emma | July 21, 2010, 11:27 pm

    I’ll keep you updated, Pilgrim. You can put volumisers and things into it to play with, I just haven’t tried it yet! Basically it resets your natural hair to “sleek” but you can still style it with curls and all that if you want to.

    Stay tuned!

  3. Posted by Francia la chica de la keratina | July 26, 2010, 9:11 am

    I know Cadiveu too, it is excellent. I do Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening – Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Caracas, Venezuela. The women here are crazy about it, and they should be. It became my passion after it freed me from hours of always doing my hair. My slogan is liso, elegante, natural because the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening – Brazilian Keratin Treatment gives such a gorgeous, shiny, natural straightness that is so easy to maintain. It makes me so happy!
    Try Crystaliss (www.crystaliss.com) too because you can wash your hair the same day and the keratin treatment stays in no matter what. Which brand do you use at your salon? You’re right, some of the older Brazilian Keratin Treatments were quite scary, so I formulated my company’s Brazilian Keratin Treatment to be safe and effective. We make it in a gel so that it produces little smoke or fumes, and a little bit goes a long way so it is good for the salon. I’m glad to see that Brazilian Keratin Treatment is catching on everywhere. It really changed my life!

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