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G is (also) for Games Night!

Games Night at Panama

Relationships are all about games. The Hard-to-get Game. The If-You-Don’t-Know-Why-I’m-Angry-I’m-Not-Going-To-Tell-You Game. The Hide-the… oh, nevermind. The point is, we’re hardly ever straight with each other, us lovebirds.

So the Games Night date seems a perfectly fitting night out for two, when you put it like that.

We found out that the Panama Dining Room in our hometown has boardgames all day Sunday. Glass of wine, plate of tapas, round of Monopoly. What a great G date! This bar-cum-restaurant is uber cool and very classy and we had a wonderfully relaxed night together there.

Wherever in the world you are, I’m sure there’s a bar or pub nearby that stocks the old favourite boardgames and maybe even a fireplace if you’re lucky!

Play Board Games Date Idea

Of course, Games Night can just as easily be done in the comfort of your lounge room. Which means that you can break out the really fun ones such as Twister! Or even, if you’re feeling racy, our personal favourite adult game… Nookii.

We opted for checkers, seeing as we were in public and all. We’re a big fan of the best out of three. Den won the first round, then I won the next two… and I have to say it… he’s a sore loser. Especially when it comes to losing to me. Which is why he has his sad face on here:

All in all a lovely and relaxing date to combat the winter chills… here’s the official rating.

Rate the Date
Romance Factor: 6/10 (bonus romance points if you do find a fireplace or candlelight)
Cheesiness Factor: 7/10 (dependant also on which games you play!)
Fun Factor: 7/10

Play Board Games Date Idea

Perfect night out for two no matter what your mood, great for a rainy afternoon and gives you a chance to chat as well as a nice distraction to focus on if you need it.

This was an encore G games night because we had to put off H for a week or so… planning something fun but it didn’t fall into place, timing-wise. Stay tuned though!

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  1. Posted by Buffyk | August 24, 2010, 12:48 pm

    Even if yu go for a nice meal and go to a quite coffee house for desert after some of our coffee houses stock games or have room for them. This is a great idea??? I started collecting the old favs a couple years ago, keep forgetting I have Yatzee, now I have 3!!!! LOL

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