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Get Lips Guys Will Love!

Continuing our week of beauty, the divine Stefanie from The Lip Print imparts her beauty wisdom on us with great tips for great lips!

Red Lips

Picture this: you’re enjoying a blissful Date Night with your partner. The mood is perfect, there’s ambient lighting and smooth background music. You close your eyes and lean in for a kiss but suddenly your partner recoils in horror “What IS that sticky stuff on your lips?!”

Many a Date Night has had the mood spoiled by too-sticky lipgloss. As far as guys go it’s the mortal enemy, never mind the fact that you spent $50 on it and it comes in a pretty case with a designer logo. They don’t care about that.

There are certain things to avoid when you know you’ll be locking lips with your other-half.

Sticky gloss
This is the best way to make your guy keep his lips well away from yours, avoid at all costs! Try something with a smooth non-sticky texture like a nice lip balm (Lanolips are my favourite!) (I like Hissyfit’s Lip Service which comes with an SPF or Ye Olde Paw Paw Ointment – Emma)

Lush Sugar Lip Scrub

Cracked or Flaky lips
Kissing frogs is for fairy-tales, not real life. Unless your man has a reptile fetish; scrub those lips immediately! Lush make an amazing sugar lip scrub that’s perfect for gently buffing away dead skin. It comes in two flavours: mint chocolate and vanilla chocolate, there’s nothing wrong with getting both!

Super bright lips
Red lips are glamorous, elegant and chic – sounds perfect for a date night right? Well, I can tell you that it doesn’t look so glamorous when smeared all over your man’s face. Try a long-wearing version for better staying power like Mac Pro-Longwear, to keep the colour on your lips and not his. Even better is a lip stain which gives your lips a nice dose of colour and will not budge through even the most ‘enthusiastic’ kissing session.

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