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Grand Designs Live: $30 Date Night Deal

We said we’d never renovate.

Who the hell were we kidding?

Years ago, when Den and I were ensconced in our cozy, new high rise CBD apartment (renting, of course) we saw friends who had bought their own places going through renovation hell. The arguments, the fatigue, the dust… We, we smugly affirmed to each other, will never buy a place we have to renovate.


Fast forward half a decade and here we are in our little apartment. We lived through a bathroom renovation last year (we live and work at home, mind you… and survived 6 weeks with no bathroom and I don’t even remember how long without a toilet in the house – I’ve blocked the memories) and two years on from buying the place, our 1973 kitchen has progressively gotten worse as my overly-enthusiastic husband keeps slowly demolishing it piece by piece, even though we haven’t ordered a new one yet.

Anyway, the point of all this is that renovating, remodelling, designing and building are all part of any couple’s life. Whether you’re building ground up, adding on an extension or turning the spare room into a nursery, I can guarantee through almost your entire life together you’ll be working on some sort of home project together. As our parents keep gently reminding us: “Your house will never be done.”

And just when you finish round one of renovations, you realise it’s been ten years since the lounge room had a coat of paint or suddenly feature walls seem rather passé and you begin all over again.

But that’s all okay. Some of you crazy people out there probably even rather enjoy it! And it’s a project to work on with your sweetie, which is always a good thing. Common goals are amazing for relationships.

$30 Date Night Deal: Grand Designs Live

With all that in mind, we have arranged a design-themed $30 Date Night for you and your sweetie at the Grand Designs Live show Sydney (18-20 October) or Melbourne (25-27 October).

Was $59 per double pass now $29.50 per double pass – there are only 100 of these available, so be fast!

Simply enter code word GDLBLOG5 in the ‘Special Offer’ field (skip the other fields) on your chosen date at www.ticketmaster.com.au/grand

Please see granddesignslive.com.au for full terms and conditions.

Visitors to the exhibition will find the best ideas and advice for their homes as well as see and hear from celebrity experts, including hosts of the iconic Grand Designs UK and Australia programs, Kevin McCloud and Peter Maddison.

Celebrity speakers and industry experts from popular TV home renovating shows – Shaynna Blaze, Andrew Winter, Charlie Albone, Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway – will also be sharing their knowledge and insights with visitors in a range of sessions presented at The LifeStyle Channel Grand Theatre.

The show features four zones dedicated to Kitchens & Bathrooms, Interiors, Outdoors, and Building.

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