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How Big Is Your “Too Hard” Basket?

I used this speech earlier this week on a new candidate that had applied for a job with Merkas Health (a massage business I own). She was given the role and then declined after the first day of training. There’s something great about her I know it, but I could tell she was lacking confidence and was putting the job in the “too hard basket.”

Here’s what I held in my Too Hard Basket for over a year!

12 months ago I joined a new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy after taking a year off. I knew this academy was tough, a lot of high level fighters with brilliant technique. I spent 6 months before that finding the courage JUST sign up. Once signed up I looked for every excuse not to go!

The only things that motivated me to go was how much money I had blown on the fees for a 6 month commitment, and how Emma and I had sacrificed that cash, pulled it out of the home loan just so I could do what I love. But after a few months you forget about the money… it becomes easier to make up the excuses.

I put this new academy in the too hard basket. I had left all my old friends at the previous place, these new people we’re so much better than me, “why would they want to roll with me?” is what I kept telling myself. “I’m not good enough! I’m not challenging enough!!!” And so I’d skip days, not go for a week, sometimes two – even three weeks!

These days, I’m so thankful that I didn’t leave this part of my life in the too hard basket! And I couldn’t have done it without Emma’s positive support! The peeps at this academy are now becoming more like family – I feel that something is missing if I don’t go for more than a few days. And most importantly my Jiu Jitsu has improved so much! I feel stronger, fitter, healthier and dangerous – it’s brilliant!!!

So my question to you… is date night in your too hard basket?

I know, better than most that finding new experiences to share with your sweetie can be challenging, but WOW, the rewards!!! Imagine how much better your relationship will be the day after that fun night out – even after a week, you’ll still be on cloud nine! It’s so much better than sitting on the couch, for another night in a row… or doing the same date idea, over again.

Those of you who live in Melbourne… if you need help getting started check out our 3 month challenge – it’s perfect for you! We’ve done the hard work for you and planned out the next 3 months… getting you deals to exclusive date ideas and setting you up with some fantastic experiences.

DON’T let your “too hard” basket fill up! Go out and celebrate your relationship, it doesn’t need to cost much – $30 will do the trick.

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