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How Much Does Your Man Pay Attention?

I wrote late last year about creating Love Maps in your mind, to track the small details about your partner that are important.

The Daily Mail has reported how millions of men don’t know the most basic of details about their partner – including dress size and even eye colour.

Men Don't Pay Attention

2,000 men in the UK were questioned and it was found that 12% couldn’t recall their partner’s eye colour, 10% didn’t know her date of birth and 11% didn’t know her job title and 30% weren’t aware of their partner’s bra size.

Most of those men admitted that their girlfriend probably knew everything there was to know about them.

Apparently, it’s because men are wired differently. While small details are important for women, it just isn’t in male DNA to notice these things.

Relationship expert Francine Kaye had the following words of advice for disgruntled wives and girlfriends:

‘You can’t expect men to get it right without prompting and reminders. If you want them to remember certain details, you have to tell them. Don’t be too subtle. Say something like, “It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, I hope you’re treating me to something nice”.’

I quizzed Den and was relieved to find he knew my eye colour, bra size and had a close approximation of my clothing size too… the poor guy can never get it right when it comes to my favourite foods, etc, because I’m known to change my mind every five seconds. I don’t even know what my favourite foods are! He at least has a good idea of what I like in my top five, and for that I am grateful.

My advice? If your man is subject to “forgetting” these things, just keep drilling them into him. Something has to stick eventually, right?

What about your beau? Does he remember the small details? If you’re a guy, do you? Do you consider it important?

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