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I is for Italian Waiters Club

For a long time this iconic Melbourne establishment has been the choice restaurant for really good Italian food. It’s well hidden down an alley and up a flight of dodgy stairs. When you enter the restaurant you enter a place that you could regard as Nona’s kitchen. And I don’t mean the nice kitchen that she never cooks in and that you’re never allowed in with shoes on, I’m talking about Nona’s real kitchen, the one where she slaves at 14 hours a day.

The tables and chairs are retro, beaten up and old. The walls are made of the typical 80 ethnic fake wood grain which I am so well familiar with (it was the staple decor of the Croatian’s when I was growing up, and you can still find a small wall or two that looks like this my parents house today.)

The place was bustling and loud and full of vibrancy… but unfortunately for this date I wasn’t feeling the vibe of the place. Maybe cause it was my sixteenth-thousand time I’ve been there and I was accustomed to a certain type of expectation. This time around the food portions were small, and usually that PACK out your plate, and the prices… we broken the budget (argh, cardinal sin!) by $15! Luckily, I had placed a few extra dollars in my pocket! I literally walked out of that place with $1.70 left.

I kinda left going yeah, it was ok… but – I’ve had better date nights.

I guess there’s a moral to the story – have new experiences!

Expectations lead to disappointment… new experiences carry little to no expectations which makes it much easier to have a great time! Get out there and do new things!

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