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ABC Dating Challenge

In ‘U’SA we eat!

Misty's Diner

In USA we eat! Up to the letter U in our ABC date night challenge…

The concept of the “Great American Diner” is a novelty to Australia. I never knew it existed until Emma mentioned it, an all American diner in our very own backyard of Melbourne. Excited, I was dying to find out if the American Diner would cut the mustard amongst Melbournian pallets.

Misty’s diner has everything health fanatics tell you NOT eat – and it’s served up the way you’d expect in USA – LARGE! At 32 years of age I tried root beer for the first time – ever! It’s an odd taste and quite difficult to explain. Best described, it was like drinking deep heat, or goanna oil. You know the ointment used to reduce muscle inflammation. There was no burning sensation but rather this medicinal flavour undertones in-between a massive hits of sweetness. And I mean a TRUCK LOAD of cane sugar! YEEEEAAH – sugar high!!!

Mini Juke Box
Mini Burger

There’s so much to love about this place, it’s loud, and it’s very pink and stereotypically American with juke boxes, finned cars and Misty donning a Lady BOSS shirt. The diner is nestled within a Car Wash. The place is packed all the time and I’m told you can’t book a table. We were lucky enough to walk right in and get a table – usually you’ll wait in line.

The highlight was most definitely the shakes. Reeces Pieces Shake – OMG! It’s full of artery clogging goodness. For the Aussies that have never had Reeces Pieces – its peanut butter in a chocolate tart-like shell, which is added to… well, a shake! The shake alone is reason enough to make it out to Misty’s Diner.

Misty’s Diner has my tick of approval for a strictly one time only experience to try something different. Now that I’ve done it, I doubt I’ll make it back – it’s not the kind of place you’d go for a source of nutrition. I may make an exception for a craving of a reeces pieces shake once or twice a year.

Hmm Shake
Chilli Fries

Want to try out Misty’s Diner & Car Wash for yourself?
103 – 105 High Street, Prahran. Melbourne, Australia.



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