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Intimate Moments in the… Kitchen?

New research shows Australians’ passion for food is reigniting relationships across the country with 44% admitting to ‘intimate moments’ in the kitchen and almost one in 10 confessing it happens at least once a week.

Kind of makes you want to rethink your next invitation to a dinner party, doesn’t it?

In all seriousness, I’ve had a busy couple of days acting as spokesperson for the Electrolux Passion for Food Survey – and having a ball!

The research findings have been fascinating, with 53% of respondents voting a home cooked meal is the best way to get in the mood for an intimate night in, above sharing a warm bubble bath (29%) and being surprised with a gift (38%).

Passion for Food

Food and passion has gone hand in hand for centuries. Ancient cultures knew the power of aphrodisiacs, and so do modern Australians, it seems. A decadent chocolate pudding was voted the number one dessert to cook when wanting to wine and dine your sweetie – and for good reason!

When you eat chocolate, your brain chemistry and heart rate matches that of when you’re engaging in a passionate kiss – excitement, euphoria, attraction… what better way to get in the mood at home?

Nine in 10 Australians want a partner that has some kitchen skills. I don’t blame them. There’s something very sexy about a man that can cook. Six in 10 women agree.

For men, I’m sure it’s still (all these years later) still almost mandatory that a woman can cook (though I do know a few exceptions to that rule myself) – 74% of the male respondents confirm my suspicions.

On the menu for main course was a traditional roast (27%) followed by seafood (23%) and a juicy steak (14%).

In my opinion, seeing as the kitchen seems to be such a damn sexy place, you should both get in there together. Couples spend an average of about two hours a day together, and one third of that is in front of the TV. Switch of the box, get into the kitchen with some good music and open a bottle of wine while you prepare the night’s meal – even better if you’re cooking something you’ve never tried to before. Injecting novelty in any form is good for your relationship.

Do you cook together? What’s your favourite meal that your partner makes for you?

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2 comments for “Intimate Moments in the… Kitchen?”

  1. Posted by Shonna | August 21, 2011, 2:47 am

    Such a great idea!! Thanks. Being military, my husband and I spend so much time apart and we’re always looking for ways to increase the quality of time we do have together. Soft music, a bottle of wine, and a new recipe…at home. So different from the standard “dinner and a movie”. I love it!!

  2. Posted by alain | September 27, 2011, 2:59 am

    Two hours only!! I think it’s too little time invested in the relationship.
    No wonder women and men will start cheating someday!! Life in a couple becomes so boring with time.
    It’s a fantastic idea to help each other’s in the kitchen and why not for men do the dishes while stealing some kisses from her lips from time to time.
    As a man, I find it to be very pleasurable and highly arousing.

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