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Denis & Emma

Is This Blogworld’s First Vegas Wedding?

What Happens In Vegas…. well, what happens in Vegas is actually legally binding worldwide so you better watch yourself if you wake up in a veil next to your new husband.

Luckily for me I’m already married so there’s not much damage that can be done while we’re in the midst of our Vegas Haze at Blogworld 2010 this year.

But we decided that two marriage and romance bloggers such as ourselves couldn’t possibly visit Las Vegas without taking part in what is one of the most iconic Vegas experiences ever – the Vegas Wedding.

So we’re doing it! Renewing our vows in a little intimate ceremony… just us, Elvis, a few awesome bloggers (everyone’s invited!) and everyone standing outside on the street watching the livestream on the plasma television! Pure, Vegas, Rockstar Gold!

So, if you’re going to be at Blogworld 2010 you are cordially invited to join us at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel at 9.30pm on Saturday night, October 16. It’s a quickie wedding so it shouldn’t take too long and then we will adjourn to the TechKaraoke After Party when the nuptials are over.

Nothing like a karaoke wedding reception in the middle of Vegas… Den and I will have to do a duet! Sandy and Danny? Robbie and Kylie?

Join us in Vegas

And if you can’t be there in the flesh, then by all means join us on the interwebs. The ceremony will be livecast to the web straight from the chapel! You’ll need to go here to the Viva Las Vegas Live Internet Weddings site.

I believe we’ll be in the main chapel. Best to go a bit beforehand and make sure you can download and set up the software necessary to view the livefeed! If you’re in Melbourne, local time will be 3.30pm Sunday afternoon, October 17. If you’re other-where in the the world, use this handy time converter to work out what time you need to pop the cork on the bubbles at home and settle in to watch!

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4 comments for “Is This Blogworld’s First Vegas Wedding?”

  1. Posted by Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot | October 12, 2010, 9:39 pm

    Yay Emma! I can’t wait:) Look forward to seeing you in and your hubby/groom:)

  2. Posted by What Do You Wear to Your Vegas Wedding? | $30 date night | Date Ideas, Marriage & Romance Blog | October 12, 2010, 11:22 pm

    [...] Well, originally I was all about the Betty Draper mid-century theme to match my Elvis wedding. [...]

  3. Posted by Molly Kelash | October 13, 2010, 9:14 am

    Will the wedding cost you only $30? :D

  4. Posted by Emma | October 13, 2010, 11:33 am

    Me too Annabel, flying out today as well see you in Vegas!

    Molly… a little more than that! Lol. But compared to our first wedding, it is SO MUCH cheaper to do the all-inclusive Vegas thing!

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