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Denis & Emma

It All Started With a Massage…

I still remember the first massage Denis gave me. We were good friends at the time. Sure, we’d flirted a little but nothing more.

“I’m writing a couples massage course,” he told me. “I need someone to try these techniques out on.”

What a line, right? Certainly more appealing than: “Do you want to come in for coffee?” which was his standard move after a night out on the dancefloor.

He assured me that the massage would probably get a little steamy – it was supposed to be sexy – but that he’d be a complete gentleman and not touch – or look at – anything he wasn’t supposed to touch or look at. I trusted him, so we set a date.

We sat on the floor of his lounge room, him kneeling behind (optimum massage position), me wrapped in a towel. The massage… well, it was pretty damn hot. But despite all that, Den kept his word and didn’t try making any moves. But I wanted him to. I really did.

We sat back afterwards and stared at each other. If you could bottle that feeling, or better yet – teach people how to get it… well, the possibilities were endless! And just like that, our future rolled out ahead of us without us even knowing.

There was too much sexual tension in the air. We had to get out of the house, so we did.

On our return, Den politely extended his usual invitation to come in for a coffee. This time, I accepted.

That’s when he knew he was “in”, as he puts it. Over coffee, he floated the idea of another massage… I basically threw myself at him and the rest is history.

We worked for months writing and testing the courses together. We started teaching them – a world first – as part of romantic weekends away. We got great publicity – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines… that was seven years ago.

We’ve been running the courses ever since, honing and refining them as we go.

We’ve wanted to take them further than just Melbourne, but it’s not that easy. We run other businesses that mean travel isn’t always an option… So we hit on the idea of filming the courses onto video and making them available for instant download from the web. That way, people everywhere can access the information and get their hands on their partner in a whole new way.

We love watching the couples at our massage seminars. What starts as just two people walking in together without fail ends up being giggles, hugs, kisses on the cheeks and playful teasing. It’s wonderful to watch couples engaging in this gentle kind of love together, and it’s one of our favourite parts of our business. Our goal is to take that feeling and help deliver it to couples all over the world. Because we believe every relationship deserves a little bit of massage in it.

We launched a Pozible campaign just yesterday to help us crowdfund these videos. This means you can donate to the production. We’ve set up some amazing rewards as a thank you – including the opportunity to pre-purchase the videos at a fantastic price. They’ll be ready for download in mid-2014.

Even if you can only spare $5 or $10 as a generous pledge to the cause, it will help make all the difference, not just to us, but to couples and relationships everywhere.

If one massage can spark an eight year relationship like ours (married nearly five years now) then imagine what else it can do…

Go to Pozible.com/ilovebackrubs to find out more about the videos and pledge your support. We will be eternally grateful.

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