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J is for Jigsaw Puzzle

I loved our J date idea. It was a horrible, cold, rainy Melbourne afternoon – no one would want to be outside in that. Luckily, we were prepared and snuggled in our warm apartment with a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that I picked up from the supermarket for $3.99 and a platter full of mini-piklets with raspberry jam and double cream, fresh fruit, Lindt hot chocolate with marshmallows and plenty more.

Lucky we bought all that because what we didn’t realise was just how long a fiddly 500-piece puzzle would take us. Hours and hours and hours went by and we sat at our dining table and plugged away. Neither of us are avid puzzle-doers (I help my 4-year-old cousin sometimes and even those are a little difficult! Ha.) so we tried to figure it out as we went… start with the edges… look for similar colours… failing that (like with that one corner you’ll see in this video that is just ALL WHITE) it’s a matter of finding the right joins for each piece. Who knew they were so complex? Who knew it would take all afternoon and all night?

But the lovely thing about it was being able to switch our brains off from thinking about other stuff – like work. It was a great chance to just focus on something completely different. No TV, just some quiet music and the two of us. Bliss. Perfect date for a Lazy Sunday.

Check out the awesome time-lapse video we made of this date! The internet can teach you anything!

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A perfectly comfortable date for two, great for winter time or for lazy Sundays. Get enough food – you may be there awhile! 500 pieces was good, if you’re brave or super-intelligent, perhaps you’d prefer a 1000-piecer. Happy puzzling!

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One comment for “J is for Jigsaw Puzzle”

  1. Posted by Iain | December 7, 2011, 7:23 am

    Awesome.. I’m going to have this up my sleave for the next rainy date (in Melbourne of course)

    Only problem, it won’t be a $30 date… I gotta buy a camera!!! Lol

    But great idea

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