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L is for Laksa

Emma Merkas at Rice Queen

Emma has never had Laksa before, and you know how much I harp on about the importance of new experiences in relationships! So the L date HAD to be a Laksa date.

I took Emma to the Rice Queen. LEVEL 2 / 231 SMITH STREET, FITZROY – Melb. I had found this joint be accident when on previous date a few weeks before.

Emma is always full of useless trivia; she gave me the background on what a Rice Queen is… “Guys who chase Asian men!” Thanks Em’s, I think I’m a little dumber now…


Denis Merkas at Rice Queen

Ok, so Rice Queen’s decor rocks, just look at the amazing photos we got to take. The lighting was perfect for some happy snaps, the openness of the venue is unlike most restaurants. It comes across as high class yet the prices are not! Sunday night is $10 Laksa night. You heard it here first. (I lie, I think we’re way behind the ball on this one) The presentation and taste of the food was amazing! We nailed the budget with the entire night coming up to $30! That’s a Vege laksa $10, chicken laksa $10, 2 Roti $6 and a pineapple juice $4.

There wasn’t enough chicken in my Laksa. I am a growing boy that needs his protein. I went fishing for chicken and came up with very little.


Rice Queen Decor

It’s a very cool venue, and the Rice Queen deserves another change, their menu had so many tantalising items on it! I went for the laksa cause it was fitting to celebrate Em’s first ever Laksa with a Laksa. I would be deeply disappointed if the meat ratio in a different dish was as lax as my Laksa.

In the defence of the Rice Queen, they are super cheap, cheap enough to compete with the authentic Asian restaurants, but you get the added bonus of soft lighting, great colour schemes and floorboards, as opposed to white fluoro lights and tiles that haven’t been scrubbed since 1970’s.

Romance Factor = HIGH! This is definitely the type of place you’d want to take a date to turn up the romance factor. Soft lighting, big windows and that something different-esqe about it. You’re date will be so impressed with this choice they won’t even notice how cheap the place is!

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