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Lamest Date Yet

Cityscape Hole 1, Par 1

So, according to Den, last week’s date scored me the honour of having taken him on the Worst Date Ever.

I didn’t think it was all that bad, to be honest. It certainly didn’t stack up to expectations, but surely borrowing someone’s kid or cutting Den’s hair makes an afternoon at glow in the dark mini golf seem acceptable?

We’d seen the date idea on the generator for awhile now. It was only a matter of time before one of us tried Glow in the Dark Mini Golf for date night.

It sounded really cool in theory = an 18-hole black light mini golf course complete with neon balls and neon props all along the way.


In reality, it wasn’t nearly so impressive and it smelled kinda funny in there. The displays were just styrofoam painted in bright colours and lit with a blacklight… it was pretty lame, to be honest.

It took us about 40 minutes to weave our way through the course. I got a hole in one, Den didn’t. I won in the end but only because Den was nice enough to let me have a do-over on a hole I completely screwed up.

Crappiness aside, we managed to have a fun time with each other all the same. It’s a great sign when you and your partner can manage a few laughs and a good time even when the circumstances you’re in turn out to be more brain-numbingly bad than watching a Jersey Shore marathon.

So what to do when it all goes bad (your date can’t ice skate/has an aversion to golf/is a really bad hairdresser) and the date doesn’t quite turn out the way you hoped?

1. Make the best of a bad situation and enjoy the time you get to spend with your partner.

2. When it’s all over, go treat yourself to a cocktail somewhere to get the bad-date taste out of your mouth!

What’s the lamest date idea you ever tried?

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