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Lessons from a Long-Haul Flight

Wow, we’ve arrived in Vegas and hit the ground running with barely enough time to get in everything we want to do! We’ve been conferencing as part of BlogWorld Expo 2010, and squeezing in tiny bits of Vegas around the sessions and the parties.

For all my advice about traveling as a couple, I had to put in some lessons I learned from the long haul flight over there. Melbourne to Vegas is close to 24 hours together in transit, and no matter how much you love your partner there’s no way to get through that without hiccups you’ll have to deal with.

1. 3 Seats on the Plane, 2 people in the seats = Someone has to sleep sitting up.

Lucky for me, Den’s enough of a gentleman to let me lie down and sleep. For hours and hours – I didn’t realise I slept so long! Unfortunately because he had trouble sleeping, it made for a crabby husband by the end of the flight. I was crabby by the start of the flight, after being told our reservation wasn’t in the system!! And then a customs problem with Den’s hair product that he refused to give up, then crappy entertainment screens on the plane…. I was nearly in tears by the time the seatbelt sign was off (I’m such a girl).

2. Even though you’re crabby at each other, there’s nowhere to go hide

When one or both of us is irritable and unreasonable, our strategy is usually to walk away from each other for a bit and get our own space. When you’re strapped in to a 777 jumbo together, that’s not really an option. You have to learn to let it go after you’ve snapped at each other – there’s no sense arguing, there’s no sense snapping back (you probably will) and it’s nice to be able to just take a deep breath and forget about it, and talk to each other as if nothing ever happened in the next breath.

3. No one is excited about anything after 24 hours on a plane.

Be prepared for the letdown. We were SO EXCITED about visiting Vegas for the first time ever, but once we got there the anticlimax was that we didn’t really care all that much. We were far too tired to appreciate it – which of course is like opening your birthday present and finding a hanky from your nanna.

All that said, we’re coping with jetlag well thanks to an awesome new starvation strategy we found online. We were fine the next morning, and have been having a blast at Penthouse Parties, Pool Parties and cool cocktail lounges.

We’ll be blogging some date nights soon, probably once we touchdown in NYC.

Catch you soon!

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3 comments for “Lessons from a Long-Haul Flight”

  1. Posted by Jaded Vixen | October 16, 2010, 2:47 pm

    Total agreement….Especially after a 4 hour wait at LAX….Was too exhausted to enjoy the first night I spent in Vegas. Choose your airline wisely….United sucked!

  2. Posted by David Patrick | October 17, 2010, 10:44 pm

    This almost seems like the same lessons for a couple that works together!

  3. Posted by Emma | October 19, 2010, 1:22 pm

    @Jaded – I hear you! We had the same problem coming from Vegas to NYC… too exhausted to enjoy it!

    @David – You may be right there! At least when I’m in the office I can go to a cafe nearby with my laptop if I need to escape!

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