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Life Drawing in Sydney!

Life Drawing with $30 Date Night

We had our first Sydney Date Night ever! YAY! It was sensational!!! The most fun I’ve had in Sydney for a long time!

The Sydney date idea was impromptu… we flew to Sydney for business and a photo shoot with chick magazine Marie Claire. Photo shoot was a lot of fun, profiling Australian couples – so we are stoked to be part of that! Out in September.

The Life Drawing Session at the ArtHouse Hotel in Sydney’s CBD – now that was a very cool experience. An awesome venue full of old world charm with high ceilings, it’s so different to the pubs / bars you’ll find in Melbourne.

Ems and I hadn’t planned to make it a date night, we didn’t know how much time we would have to ourselves after the photo shoot. As it worked out – we had 3 and a bit hours to play with. Ems jumped on her iPhone and started going through $30DN’s Sydney city Guide – a very cool feeling using your own site to find some entertainment.

First Choice: Crab Racing in Glebe – unfortunately that was time wasting taxi ride, not to mention Crab Racing was only on Wednesday nights – it was Monday!

Second Choice: Monday Nights $9 Steak at the Slip Inn – WINNER – we were starving so I was like LET’s GO!

Em’s manically fingered her iPhone just to see what other options could be found. And then she hit the Jack Pot!

Third Choice: The Life Drawing Session at the ArtHouse Hotel.

This was less than a minute walk from where we were; it had food and entertainment. 2 things we desperately needed.

Ok, so we were a little nervous, not knowing what to expect – honestly I thought easels and berets but for $4 per person this didn’t seem fitting. I guess we were nervous cause we can’t draw and maybe others would laugh at our drawings. Standing out the front we um’d and ah’d on whether we should go in… no drawing skills, no materials (and the poster on the entrance definitely said bring your own materials) and no berets… still, Em’s responded with “we should at least chat to find out more about it” … so inside we went.

The best date ideas are the ones that push comfort circles – having fun through new experiences releases dopamine hormones.

We had a chat with the chap on the door who made everything so much easier! He said “Woolworths is just around the corner – all you need is A4 sketch Pad and some pencils – 2B is perfect. Also – we get all calibre of artists, it doesn’t matter whether you draw stick figures or master pieces no one critiques your work.”

Done and done – Woolworths was literally a few seconds away and for less than $8 we picked up 2b pencils, eraser, sharpener and 2 A4 sketch books. For the night, you don’t even need the eraser or sharpener (unless you’re Emma). We grabbed some food on the way – not including that in our $30 budget – to do an experience you’d expect that you’d eat at home then head out for your date night. Alas, we had to eat – STARVING!!!

The Arthouse Hotel is laid back with couches and chairs lined up. The room is amazing and huge… in the vid you only see a small angle, around to the left is a bar and a whole lot of space, as well as another live model and loads of seating. You can get there early to find prime position in front of the nude models, but if you’re beginners like us you’ll probably be more comfortable sitting on the couches near the back.

Your models are nude – totally nude and they will hold a position for about 2 ½ minutes, which surprised me, but it makes sense and you get used to drawing fast. I manages to sneak a peak of some dude’s sketches and they were amazing! So much better than what I was doing but it didn’t put me off.

Life drawing sessions are $4 each. Materials cheap too – you’ll probably be able to find this in your house already so it doesn’t count… the remainder of cash can go on chips and beer. WINNER!

What I loved about it:

The date just seemed to fall into place. We had no idea that this amazing experience was just around the corner from us. Life drawing was something we’ve never done before – a totally new experience. It was laid back enough that Ems and I could chat and quietly laugh. I’d give this date a 10 / 10.

If you live in Sydney or even travelling through like we did – DO THIS DATE! I cannot recommend it enough!

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  1. Posted by The Guy across the Street | June 10, 2010, 9:47 pm

    We want your drawings!

  2. Posted by Emma O | August 12, 2010, 2:53 pm

    Nice video blog guys! Keep inspiring us

  3. Posted by Weddings Leicester | September 14, 2010, 2:01 am

    wow what a really unique idea! I would never have considered this as a date night “thing to do” before now. Thanks!

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