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Love Plugs

Love Plug: Hollywood Make-Out Mints

I have just fallen in love with these cute-as-a-button Make-Out Mints… packaged in a sexy retro pink tin with embossed hearts on it, it’s the perfect product to keep you date night ready in a crisis. Tuck them into your handbag and freshen yourself up pre-date with the tiny pink heart-shaped mints inside.

Divine Hollywood Make-Out Mints

Says the website: “BIG DATE night… you’ve artfully applied the most delectable shade of lipstick and your lips are full, supple, downright beckoning. You’ve practiced your pucker in the mirror for hours. You’re as prepared as a (slightly naughty) Girl Scout for that all-important goodnight kiss…except, sniff-sniff…just when the heck did that onion-and-garlic-marinated sardine wearing a sweaty gym sock happen to crawl into your mouth and take a siesta?! (Ding dong) Yikes! There’s your hunk-of-the-month delivery! Argh, what are you to do now, Ms. Stinky Breath?”

Pop a Make-Out Mint of course! Far more stylish than your average roll of mentos, discreet and fun all at once. I’m carrying them everywhere.

Happy pashing, lovers!

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